The children who study at your home can still help this country which is currently in trouble. How to help the country? Yes, so children learn
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian children can play a role in helping the country, which is experiencing pressure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, by studying diligently from their respective homes, said Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati.

“The children who study at your home can still help this country which is currently in trouble. How to help the country? Yes, so children learn,” she said at the ministry's teaching online event in Jakarta on Monday.

Sri Mulyani said Indonesian children must remain enthusiastic about learning even though currently schooling can only be done through virtual work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She said Indonesian children can explore their hobbies in their spare time after completing school assignments, such as writing, singing, and sports, while paying attention to health protocols.

According to Sri Mulyani, children who are diligent in studying and doing school assignments will greatly help their parents, who have to work from home (WFH), in dealing with the current crisis.

“Remember, your parents are going through a difficult situation right now. They work from home and look after you, so you help your parents at home. That's very helpful,” she advised.

She emphasized that even though direct schooling is not possible due to the pandemic, education remains an important instrument for producing quality human resources (HR).

"We provide education so that you can be smarter than your parents and smarter than the current generation so that Indonesia will be more advanced," Sri Mulyani said.

She urged Indonesian children not to give up easily and complain about all the challenges that exist so that it could have implications for Indonesia's strength in facing the pandemic.

"If you are strong, then Indonesia can overcome COVID-19. Do not give up easily, do not complain often. If you complain quickly, [dealing with the crisis for] your parents will be even more difficult,” she said.

Sri Mulyani also advised Indonesian children to comply with the health protocols, namely wearing masks, maintaining distancing, and washing hands while carrying out all daily activities.

"If you go out, follow the health protocol. It helps the government. At home, we continue to carry out learning activities, help parents, and look after younger brother/sister,” she said. (INE)

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Translator: Astrid Habibah, Azis Kurmala
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