Bank Muamalat becomes more advanced with QRIS Code: Ilham Habibie

Bank Muamalat becomes more advanced with QRIS Code: Ilham Habibie

Ilham A. Habibie

Jakarta (ANTARA) - PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia President Commissioner Tbk. Ilham A. Habibie opined that digital technology was the keyword during the COVID-19 pandemic and that Bank Muamalat will make progress by applying the QRIS Code feature.

"I am certain that Bank Muamalat will become more advanced with the QRIS Code feature," Habibie stated at an online launch of the QRIS Code of Bank Muamalat here on Thursday.

The bank’s president commissioner remarked that currently, keywords were aspects related to digital technology.

Habibie highlighted that banking and technology had always been an area to be taken seriously since the more advanced the technology of banking, as one of the most basic and fundamental industries, and the industry, in general, more favorable will be the impact on the economy.

"We have to apply digital technology according to its purpose. In this case, it makes it easier for us to transact, especially in conditions that we are experiencing today amid the COVID-19 pandemic," he pointed out.

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Bank Muamalat Indonesia’s president commissioner also drew attention to the myriad benefits offered by digital technology that were earlier not conceivable. This technology has been around for a long time, but in the past, it had not been viewed in the context of minimizing health-related risks, he stated.

This, in fact, reminds all parties that they stand to benefit immensely from the technologies that are currently advancing. In future, the benefits of this technology will become apparent.

"We, as humans, must always change since life is not static but dynamic. We must always be ready, willing to change, and keep learning. For those who change and continue to learn, God willing, they will have better opportunities in future," he stated.  Related news: Bank Muamalat issues sukuk mudharabah worth Rp500 bln