Jokowi sanguine about Yogyakarta's tourism reviving after vaccination

Jokowi sanguine about Yogyakarta's tourism reviving after vaccination

President Jokowi observes a vaccination program in Yogyakarta on March 1, 2021.

Yogyakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is optimistic that tourism and economic activities in Yogyakarta would recover following the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination program.

Some 19,900 people, including included traders, shop owners, shopkeepers, and workers in Beringharjo Market, Malioboro Street area, Yogyakarta, were inoculated on Monday. "I am hopeful that the economy would recover, so that tourism in Yogyakarta can revive and boost economic growth in Yogyakarta, especially in the city of Yogyakarta," the president stated while observing the implementation of COVID-19 vaccination.

The head of state gauged that the vaccination process for traders at Beringharjo Market had run in a smooth manner and so was the case with the inoculation of street vendors, businesspersons, and shopkeepers at Malioboro Street to Yogyakarta Square.

"In total, there are 19,900 people, and we are hopeful of this being resolved soon," he noted.

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Yogyakarta Mayor Haryadi Suyuti remarked that market traders and businesspersons in the Malioboro area should be accorded priority during vaccinations owing to their one-on-one interactions with residents and tourists from various regions on a daily basis.

"This is because they come in contact with the community at large. They make contact with other communities, both local residents and outsiders," he pointed out.

President Jokowi and his entourage embarked in a day-long working visit to Yogyakarta to witness the implementation of the vaccination program and inaugurate the electronic commuter train’s operations.

Indonesia commenced vaccination against COVID-19 since January 13, 2021, with China's Sinovac vaccine, and President Jokowi was the first recipient of the vaccine jab.

The National Task Force for COVID-19 Hanlind has reported that over 1.6 million vaccine doses had been administered until now. (INE)

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