Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Health Ministry, in collaboration with online health service provider, Halodoc, has prepared services for the drive-thru vaccination of residents in the elderly category, so as to facilitate the distribution process of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The drive-thru vaccination program for the elderly is planned to be initiated on Wednesday (Mar 3) in the Kemayoran area, Central Jakarta, and will expand to other areas.

"Yes, we have cooperated with Halodoc for conducting the drive-thru vaccination. For the first, the vaccination is conducted at JIExpo Kemayoran," acting Director General of Disease Prevention and Control, Ministry of Health, Maxi Rein Rondonuwu, stated, when confirmed, Monday.

The Ministry of Health, Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta, DKI Jakarta Health Service, the Kemayoran Complex Management Center (PPK), Hermina Hospital, and also Halodoc are collaborating for the drive-thru vaccination program.

The drive-thru vaccination is held to assist the elderly around Central Jakarta and North Jakarta, so that it can be in line with one of the aspects being promoted in implementing health protocols, which is to reduce mobilization.

Furthermore, the drive-thru method aligns with health protocols to reduce crowding, as the elderly do not need to stand in long queues.

In implementing the drive-thru vaccination program for the elderly, the Ministry of Health is tasked with preparing the COVID-19 vaccine.

The elderly keen to get vaccinated through the drive-thru method can use the Halodoc application service on their cellphone or smart device to set the vaccination schedule that is available from March 3, 2021.

After obtaining the schedule, Halodoc users can receive vaccines in the parking area of Hall C JIExpo Kemayoran and secure their vaccination certificates through the Halodoc application.

"With the drive-thru COVID-19 Vaccination Program Service Post, we hope to provide safer and more comfortable facilities for vaccination recipients, especially the elderly, as an effort to contribute to accelerating the COVID-19 vaccination program for the creation of herd immunity in Indonesia," Halodoc CEO and Cofounder Jonathan Sudharta noted during an online press conference, Monday.

Halodoc had earlier also initiated a tracing and testing process for COVID-19 by employing the drive-thru method currently being developing at 20 locations spread across 11 cities in Indonesia. Related news: Government distributes 7 million COVID-19 vaccine doses for elderly
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