Proxy Bidding and Shopping Service FROM JAPAN is pleased to announce that its shopping service is now available in ten languages

Proxy Bidding and Shopping Service FROM JAPAN is pleased to announce that its shopping service is now available in ten languages

ANTARA/Business Wire

Tokyo--(Antara/Business Wire)- Established in 2004, FROM JAPAN operates a proxy bidding and shopping service that connects thousands of shoppers from 196 different countries to Japanese e-commerce sites, with over 4.5 million transactions to date.

With their proxy bidding and shopping service, FROM JAPAN makes it possible for international shoppers to purchase Japanese products from their homes despite the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

FROM JAPAN - Now in Ten Languages!

From March 2021, customers can enjoy FROM JAPAN in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Thai, Indonesian, and Korean. Their team of customer service professionals give world-class support in all of the aforementioned languages, making it easy for customers to get their hands on Japanese products.

Borderless Shopping in Unprecedented Times

Despite Japan experiencing a huge decrease in incoming tourists due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the desire for Japanese items has only grown stronger as would-be tourists have been unable to visit Japan to do their shopping for nearly a year. FROM JAPAN experienced a 130% increase in 2020 sales compared to the previous year, proving that consumers are still hungry for Japanese products despite travel restrictions.

Top 10 Product Categories on FROM JAPAN

1. Fashion and Apparel
2. Toys and Games
3. Cars and Motorcycles
4. Watches and Clocks
5. Antiques and Collectibles
6. Hobby and Crafts
7. Appliances, AV, and Smartphones
8. Food and Drink
9. Sports and Recreation
10. Health and Beauty

The most popular product category is fashion, with customers using FROM JAPAN to purchase preloved branded fashion items and Japan-exclusive pieces.

Unsurprisingly, otaku and other hobby-related items make up a huge percentage of the items sold on FROM JAPAN, with customers purchasing everything from the latest anime figures to rare trading cards.

Top 10 Customer Regions

1. United States of America
2. Hong Kong
3. China
4. Thailand
5. Canada
6. Malaysia
7. Singapore
8. United Kingdom
9. Taiwan
10. France

FROM JAPAN sees most traffic from users located in the United States and Hong Kong, and are also seeing a rise of new users from South East Asia and China due to the growth of the e-commerce sector.



Satoshi Orihara

Source: FROM JAPAN Co., Ltd.