Inflation rises 0.08% in March

Inflation rises 0.08% in March

Illustration - The price of bird eye chili has continued to increase in Tanah Bumbu.    (Antaranews/sjd)

March inflation was fueled by bird eye chili and onion, which contributed 0.04 percent and 0.02 percent (respectively, to inflation).
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia's inflation rose 0.08 percent in March, 2021, bringing the calendar year inflation to 0.44 percent and year-on-year inflation rate to 1.37 percent, according to  Statistics Indonesia (BPS).

"March inflation was fueled by bird eye chili and onion, which contributed 0.04 percent and 0.02 percent (respectively, to inflation)," BPS deputy chief for distribution and service statistics, Setianto, said here on Thursday.

Pure-bred chicken meat, garlic, fresh fish, preserved fish, and domestic help's wages contributed 0.01 percent each to the March, 2021 inflation, he informed.

However, the prices of several commodities declined, with cars contributing 0.03 percent, gold jewelry and red chili 0.02 percent, and rice 0.01 percent to deflation, he added.

The foods, beverages, and tobacco group rose 0.40 percent, contributing 0.10 percent to inflation, Setianto said.

Spending in other groups remained flat and did not contribute to inflation due to its small impact, including the housing, water, electricity, and household fuel groups, he added.

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Three groups of spending recorded deflation — the personal care and other services group, the information, communication, and financial services group, and the transportation group, according to the BPS.

Of the 90 cities surveyed by BPS for the consumer price index (IHK), 58 cities recorded inflation and 32 cities witnessed deflation in March, 2021.

The highest inflation of 1.07 percent was recorded in Jayapura and the lowest inflation of 0.01 percent was recorded in Tangerang and Banjarmasin.

The highest deflation of 0.99 percent was recorded in Baubau and the lowest deflation of 0.01 percent was recorded in Palopo, the agency stated.

The movement of inflation was almost the same as last year when it remained flat ahead of the fasting month of Ramadhan, according to the BPS.

The calendar inflation was recorded 0.76 percent and year-on-year inflation was listed at 2.96 percent in 2020.  

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