Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has praised the youth wing of the Muhammadiyah for its pioneering efforts in the economic field by conducting synergies and business incubations to produce new entrepreneurs.

"There is a progressive entrepreneurial movement that is synergizing all young Muhammadiyah entrepreneurs to carry out business incubations to give birth to new entrepreneurs. We need more young entrepreneurs because we have to anticipate the peak demographic bonus in 2030," Widodo said in his opening remarks during a Muhammadiyah youth wing meeting on Friday.

He cited data that shows 2.9 million young people enter the labor market each year to highlight the urgent need for new jobs.

Young entrepreneurs can play a significant role in creating new jobs, he pointed out.

The government has been supporting the emergence of new entrepreneurs by carrying out large-scale business ecosystem reforms, he said. Regulations that hamper the development of MSMEs have been trimmed, while access to capital continues to be expanded, he noted.

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"We are also organizing vocational education and training to be more adaptive to the needs of the industrial world. We will also continue to do asset redistribution and agrarian reform to achieve economic equity and justice," the President said.

He expressed the hope that the Muhammadiyah's youth wing would continue to promote entrepreneurship among the younger generation.

The President also urged the Muhammadiyah to be on the frontlines in promoting the values of tolerance and national unity, in line with the national ideology of Pancasila.

Widodo delivered his speech online from Jakarta, while the meeting was organized in Manado, North Sulawesi. Muhammadiyah is Indonesia's second largest Muslim organization. (INE)

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