Jakarta (ANTARA) - Some 155 thousand personnel, including from the Indonesian Police (Polri) and Defense Forces (TNI), will be deployed to implement Operation Ketupat 2021 on May 6-17, as Muslims will celebrate Eid al-Fitr holidays on May 13-14.

"The 155 thousand joint personnel comprise 90,502 policemen and 11,533 military officers, as well as 52,880 personnel from related institutions, such as Satpol PP (civilian security guards), transportation offices, Jasa Raharja, and others," Head of Polri's Traffic Corps Inspector General Istiono informed the press at Jakarta Police’s Metro Jaya Headquarters here on Wednesday.

The joint personnel will be stationed at 381 isolation posts as a precautionary measure following the ban on people traveling for homecoming (locally called mudik) this year owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The National Police has also established 1,536 security posts to handle any security disturbances as well as 596 service posts and 180 integrated posts to secure public places, such as shopping centers, stations, airports, bus terminals, seaports, and tourist attractions.

Some 4,276 personnel will be stationed in the capital city and its adjoining areas. The Jakarta Police will deploy these personnel at 14 isolation points and 17 check points.

The Operation Ketupat Jaya 2021 is being conducted to block access to and from Jabodetabek, to maintain security, and to monitor the implementation of health protocols to stem the transmission of the coronavirus disease before, during, and after Eid al-Fitr 1442 H, among others.

Meanwhile, spokesperson for the COVID-19 Handling Task Force Wiku Adisasmito affirmed that all forms of homecoming activities, including the local homecoming, are banned during Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr to lower the rate of COVID-19 infection.

"The government has agreed to put a halt to any form of homecoming. We urge the local governments and the community to become good health promotion agents based on a narrative from the government,” Adisasmito remarked during an online press conference here on Tuesday in response to the regional government's policy of allowing local homecoming activities.

Homecoming activities wherein travelers will meet their relatives usually involve direct physical contact, such as shaking hands and hugging, which could transmit the coronavirus more quickly, according to the spokesperson.

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