MRT, WeCare donate oxygen cylinders for Jakarta's COVID-19 patients

MRT, WeCare donate oxygen cylinders for Jakarta's COVID-19 patients

People queue up for the COVID-19 vaccine at ASEAN MRT Station, Jakarta, Thursday, July 8, 2021 (ANTARA PHOTO/Reno Esnir/wsj/KT)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - City-owned PT MRT Jakarta Ltd (Perseroda) which operates a mass transit service has collaborated with to donate free oxygen cylinders to meet the oxygen requirements of COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment at the capital city's hospitals.

Initially, as many as 50 oxygen cylinders were donated to expedite health recovery of the residents in need. The cylinders will be distributed through several hospitals or health care centers located around the Jakarta MRT line.

PT MRT Jakarta President Director William Sabandar said here Thursday that the supplementary assistance of oxygen cylinders was part of the "Synergy for Jakarta."

Synergy for Jakarta is a collaboration program initiated by PT MRT Jakarta in cooperation with, which is one of the start-up partners of the MRTJ Accel 2021 Program.

"In future, we will strive to procure oxygen cylinders to increase availability by collaborating with the public and our business partners," Sabandar remarked.

Meanwhile, CEO of Gigih Septianto is sanguine that the "Synergy For Jakarta" Program with PT MRT Jakarta would pave the way for more participation and usher in collaboration opportunities from all sections of society to work together to help Indonesia tide over the pandemic.

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"We are pleased that can be part of this mutual effort to help Jakartans affected by the pandemic," Septianto remarked.

PT MRT Jakarta and also opened a fundraising program for the procurement of oxygen cylinders in a bid to help health facilities and services in handling the surge in COVID-19 cases, he pointed out.

To this end, PT MRT Jakarta has invited all elements in the society at large, from individuals to companies, to unite and facilitate recovery from the impacts of the pandemic by donating to the procurement of oxygen cylinders and oxygen.

Those keen to participate in helping others to procure oxygen cylinders can make a donation through the website, with the following steps:
1. Click "Donasi Sekarang" (Donate Now); 2. Isi Nominal (Amount of Money); 3.Choose "Metode Donasi" (Donation Method: through the available e-wallet platform or through Bank Transfer and Credit Card).

Moreover, MRT Jakarta Ltd and started a fundraising for health workers and volunteers that have made enormous efforts for the community vaccination program, Septianto stated.

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