Jakarta (ANTARA) - Users of public transportation in the Greater Jakarta such as the Commuter Line, MRT Jakarta, TransJakarta and LRT Jakarta, still prefer using electronic money cards as a means of payment.

"On average, they still use e-money cards. So, every month, only 400 thousand or one percent of the 11 million transactions are made through the app," Jaklingko's acting head of Corporate Secretary & Legal Division Thomas Yulius said here on Sunday.

In the talkshow "Digitalization and Integration of Jakarta Transportation: Comfortable, Fast, and Affordable", part of the 2024 Jakreatifest series, Yulius explained that both the Jaklingko app and e-money card can be used for paying public transportation in Jakarta.

Jaklingko, as the Jakarta city-owned public transportation enterprise, offers a special rates for the purchase of multi-modal ticket.

The multi-modal ticket can be used for three modes of transportation, namely TransJakarta, MRT Jakarta, and LRT Jakarta.

He gave an example, LRT Jakarta passengers who will transfer to TransJakarta or MRT users can get special fare of a maximum of Rp10 thousand.

For instance, he said, passengers who take the MRT from Lebak Bulus to Bundaran HI Station and continue their trip to Sarinah by the TransJakarta Bus will be charged with a a total of Rp17,500 if using e-money card.

"But if you use the Jaklingko app or use a card that has been connected to the app, it will be charged Rp10 thousand at maximum. This is quite significant for public transportation users," he said.

He admitted that it is still difficult to encourage people to switch to digital payments.

Meanwhile, he said, the advantage of using digital payments are the convenience, the speed, and the capped cost.

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Translator: Ade J, Kenzu
Editor: Azis Kurmala
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