IDI, Anak Bangsa Peduli collaborate to help healthcare workers

IDI, Anak Bangsa Peduli collaborate to help healthcare workers

A screenshot of head of the mitigation team of the Indonesian Doctor's Association (IDI), Adib Khumaidi, and one of the initiators of Anak Bangsa Peduli, Cathy Saron, at an online press conference (July 27, 2021). (ANTARA/Prisca Triferna/FR)

This is also a form of moral support toward our medical workers
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) has said it is collaborating with Anak Bangsa Peduli, a civil society organization, to distribute aid in the forms of personal protective equipment (PPE) , nutritious food, and vitamins to healthcare workers to ease their burden amid the pandemic.  

"As a part of this promotive preventive effort, we will try to collaborate with several groups, civil society groups. This is also a form of moral support toward our medical workers," head of IDI's mitigation team, dr Adib Khumaidi, observed at an online press conference here on Tuesday.


He said he hopes the collaboration would help and protect medical and health workers on active duty amid the pandemic.


The personal protective gear provided for the healthcare workers met the IDI mitigation team's standards, ad they also received vitamins, as well as nutritious foods, he informed.

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According to Khumaidi, the collaboration is aimed at ensuring aid distribution is more coordinated and accurately targets hospitals and healthcare workers that need the assistance.


While the aid is only being distributed in the Jabodetabek (Greater Jakarta) region at the moment, it is expected to inspire other civil society organizations to come forward and support healthcare workers, who are struggling to save patients amid the pandemic, he said.


"On behalf of the mitigation team, IDI, and all of Indonesia's doctors, we would like to say thank you so much to our friends from Anak Bangsa Peduli," he remarked.

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Meanwhile, one of the initiators of Anak Bangsa Peduli, Cathy Saron, said that her team is acting as a middleman between health workers and donors.


Donations for healthcare workers are arriving from various sectors, such as the fashion community and corporation, she informed.


Parts of the donations will be distributed to support vaccination efforts and to help burial workers, in addition to healthcare workers, she ad


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