There are the values of Pancasila in Pancamain Indonesia
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Deputy for Control and Evaluation at the Agency for Pancasila Ideology Education (BPIP) Rima Agristina introduced the Pancasila values in Pancamain, the five traditional Indonesian games, during a seminar for teachers across Indonesia.

"There are the values of Pancasila in Pancamain Indonesia," she remarked while opening her presentation at the online seminar on 'Introduction to the Pancamain Indonesia' on Tuesday.

Pancamain, a medium of learning and actualizing the values of Pancasila, comprises the Panca Gasing (Panca Top), Bola Lima (Five Balls), Papancakan (Sundanese ball game), Balap Jajar (race), and Catur Teuku Umar (Teuku Umar Chess) games.

"In the Panca Gasing game, we will teach the meaning of balance," Agristina said.

Through spinning the Gasing (top), teachers can explain to students that the balance in rotating objects symbolizes the balanced approach of the Indonesian people towards life, she explained.

Cooperation and mutual respect are two points that maintain the balance of social life in Indonesia, she said.

"When we play Balap Jajar, we will teach equality," she added.

What is meant by equality are rights and responsibilities that are carried out in a harmonious and balanced manner, she elaborated.

The Bola Lima game, which has pictures of the symbols of the Pancasila principles, is meant to introduce the meaning of those symbols to students, Agristina said.

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The fourth game, Papancakan, aims to teach the value of deliberation and consensus, she informed.

She likened the process of assembling the pieces in the Papancakan game to conducting deliberations to achieve satisfactory results of "mufakat" or deliberations for consensus.

It is essential to keep the pieces balanced while in the construction process to produce maximum height and satisfy the game participants, she said. This symbolizes the importance of balance in the deliberation process, she added.

"Then, in the Catur Teuku Umar game, we will teach the strategy to unite as a nation, which is the Indonesian nation," Agristina said.

The five games were selected from 2,600 traditional games recorded in Indonesia, she informed. The BPIP is also planning to promote traditional games through a marketing and creative approach, she added.

She said she hoped that the Pancamain would not just let students know more about Indonesia and the ideological values but, the game also has an economic impact on artisans across Indonesia.

The 'Introduction to Pancamain Indonesia' seminar was organized by BPIP and attended by teaching staff from all parts of Indonesia.

The launch of the five traditional games is expected to help teachers instill the values of Pancasila among students in a fun way through direct practice.

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Translator: Putu Indah, Raka Adji
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