Digital lifestyle to continue beyond pandemic: Telkomsel

Digital lifestyle to continue beyond pandemic: Telkomsel

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We are optimistic that the trend to utilise digital channels for a digital lifestyle would continue
Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned telecommunications company Telkomsel's Corporate General Manager for Prepaid and Postpaid Brand & Communications, Himawan Prasetyo, has projected the digital lifestyle to continue beyond the pandemic.

"Utilisation of digital technology is expected to make our activities more effective, comfortable, quick, and safe. We are optimistic that the trend to utilise digital channels for a digital lifestyle would continue," Prasetyo stated during the Marketeers iClub online discussion, Saturday.

Prasetyo highlighted that the Telkomsel's "#DiRumahTerusMaju" (#MovingForwardAtHome) campaign that started since the onset of the pandemic promotes caring for others and leading a productive life even while working at home.

Promoting a productive lifestyle from home relates to the recent convergence of several business forms wherein business accessibility, affordability, and mobility are the three key parameters to ensure its continuation.

"Since the pandemic began, we have forecast changes in customer habits. Hence, our #DiRumahTerusMaju campaign is initiated to encourage mobile users to remain productive and healthy and continue their normal activities despite being confined at home," Prasetyo stated.

"The large-scale social restriction (PSBB) enforcement began on April 2020. During that time, we had no idea how long we would live under the restriction. We then began to adapt to a digital lifestyle despite it not always being easy and quick," he noted.

Prasetyo believes the society is ready to move on to a more digital lifestyle, especially after mass vaccinations restored public confidence to return to a regular mode of existence.

"Unfortunately, the outbreak has worsened and impacted several sectors in this country, especially the mobility restriction that affected the economy," the general manager stated.

Prasetyo affirmed that Telkomsel, as the national mobile service provider, strives to offer the best services by providing accessibility, affordability, and mobility to its users.

Telkomsel has organised corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes for healthcare activities, "Peduli Sesama" programme that allowed participants to share phone credit and internet quota, and "Peduli Belajar" for a la carte quota for school applications.

Telkomsel also offers affordable internet quota and packages for different purposes, such as free access to watch the 2020 Summer Olympics, unlimited quota package for binge-watching, and e-commerce flash sales.

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