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PON Papua, an amalgamation of natural beauty and sportsmanship

PON Papua, an amalgamation of natural beauty and sportsmanship

PON XX Papua mascots Kangpho dan Drawa (HO-PB PON Papua/MY)

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) - The XX National Sports Week (PON) scheduled in Papua on October 2-15, 2021, will be a platform to clock achievements in 37 sports and promote Papua's regional tourism sector showcasing cultural wealth and scenic beauty.

The government and people were filled with immense pride on Papua being selected to host PON XX.

By hosting PON XX, Papua can also showcase its natural beauty as part of promoting regional tourism to athletes, officials, and sports ambassador delegates from 34 provinces across Indonesia.

Papua is widely known for the beauty of its landscapes owing to places, such as the Baliem Valley, which is one of the tourist attractions in the Jayawijaya mountains.

In Baliem Valley, tourists can enjoy the natural beauty, go trekking, and experience the unique Papuan cultural attractions.

The beauty of Baliem Valley combined with the sport of soccer simply amps up the euphoria of the 20th PON.

The motto of PON XX Papua, Torang Bisa, is familiar to the sports management and regional officials as well as athletes, who are part of the Papuan contingent in this grand sporting event, held once in four years, to demonstrate the prowess of PON XX's host.

PON XX Papua is also believed to raise the dignity of indigenous Papuans, as it is the first time in 58 years since Papua became part of the Indonesian territory that it is being held there.

General Secretary of PB PON Papua Elia Loupatty admitted that PON XX Papua is the largest national sporting event in Papua Province. This is the first time in Indonesia’s history that Papua is being trusted to host PON XX.

"Yes, this appointment serves as a means of proving that the region and the Papuan people can organize the biggest sporting event in the country. Yes, Torang Bisa (people can)," Loupa emphasized.

PON XX Papua is also a blend of natural beauty and culture that is united in the spirit of sportsmanship that embodies a sense of nationalism.

Tourism Industry and PON XX

Speaker of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR RI) Bambang Soesatyo assessed that Papua Province was ready to welcome athletes from all provinces across Indonesia at the 2021 PON XX event.

"Papua is ready to welcome national athletes to compete in PON. This PON feels special because Papua has very scenic natural and cultural destinations. Hence, inter-sports competitions later will be interesting," Soesatyo pointed out.

He admitted that later on, the implementation of PON XX Papua will focus on producing world-class athletes at the PON and also advance the Papuan regional tourism industry.

The PON XX event this time was very different from the earlier editions since this time, it was held in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, he remarked

"Hopefully, PON XX Papua 2021 will offer the required momentum to rise and recover together from the coronavirus disease pandemic," he affirmed.

The Grand Committee of 2021 PON XX Papua has released six thematic promo series to disseminate information on PON. This thematic promo contains a mix of athletes from various sports and the natural beauty in Papua.

There is also the majestic Youtefa Bridge, a new Papuan icon built by the Papua provincial government.

In addition to being the first steel arch-type bridge built in Papua, the image of this bridge is also printed on the Rp75,000 special edition, commemorative currency notes to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia.

The Youtefa Bridge appears alongside the hang-gliding sport in the PON XX thematic promo.

Moreover, the Lukas Enembe Stadium, with a capacity to accommodate 40 thousand spectators, is the main venue for PON XX Papua 2021. It is located in Kampung Harapan, Nolokla Village, East Sentani District, Jayapura Regency.

Entire construction of the main facilities of the Lukas Enembe stadium has been certified and meets international standards.

Carstenz Peak, with a height of 4,884 meters above sea level, is included in the seven-highest mountains in five continents that climbers are eager to scale.

The peak of Mount Carstenz is part of the Sudirman line in Papua Province.

The Cenderawasih Bay area is a paradise on earth and is home to approximately 196 types of mollusks and 209 varieties of fishes.

That includes the type of spotted shark, which is the main attraction in the Cenderawasih Bay area.

Another noteworthy tourist attraction is Lake Sentani, resting under the slopes of the Cyclops Mountains. It is famous since it spans an area of some 9,360 hectares and is located at an altitude of 75 meters above sea level.

There is also a beautiful stretch of hill by this lake, called Teletubies Hill, which complements the beauty of Lake Sentani.

The beauty of these various tourist attractions has been featured in a series of thematic PON XX promos alongside each sporting branch of PON Papua.

At the PON XX Papua, 6,442 athletes will compete in 37 sports, 56 disciplines, and 679 matches that will take place in four clusters of organizers, including Jayapura City, Jayapura Regency, Mimika Regency, and Merauke Regency.

The success of the PON XX Papua will be attributed to the achievements of athletes in various sports as well as the support of Papuan residents in creating a sense of safety and peace during the event. Torang Bisa!

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