Govt provides detailed directives for air travel during PPKM

Govt provides detailed directives for air travel during PPKM

Illustration: Passengers walking to the parking area of the Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport, Malang, East Java. (ANTARA PHOTO/ARI BOWO SUCIPTO/rst)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Director-General of Air Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) Novie Riyanto elucidated details for air transport trips during public activity restrictions (PPKM).

The regulation is adapted from the instructions for domestic travel by means of air transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic through Circular Letter Number 62 of 2021, effective from August 11, 2021.

"Flights from or to airports in Java-Bali as well as areas where PPKM Level 4 and PPKM Level 3 are enforced must show a vaccine card (at least the first dose of vaccination) and a certificate of negative results of the RT-PCR test, with samples taken within a maximum period of 2x24 hours before departure," Riyanto elaborated on Wednesday.

Riyanto explained that fully vaccinated passengers for flights between airports in Java and Bali were required to only show their negative result of the rapid antigen test alongside the vaccination certificates.

The rapid antigen test must be conducted at most a day before departure.

Meanwhile, passengers for flights from and to airports outside Java-Bali islands that are designated as areas, with the PPKM Level 1 and PPKM Level 2 categories, must show a certificate of negative RT-PCR test results for samples taken at most 2x24 hours or negative rapid test Antigen results for samples taken at most a day before departure.

Riyanto explained that the objective behind this circular was to prevent the spread and increase in transmission of COVID-19 by restricting domestic travellers using air transportation.

"The health requirements are excluded for pioneer flights in 3T areas (frontier, outermost and remote) areas, and their implementation is in accordance with the local government," he emphasized.

It is mandatory for people, who cannot be vaccinated due to special health conditions, to attach a doctor's certificate from a government hospital that states the person concerned has not and/or is unable to take part in the COVID-19 vaccination.

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"Children under 12 years of age are not allowed to travel within the country between provincial/district/city administrative boundaries," Riyanto remarked.

This circular also stipulates provisions for air transportation operators, including necessitating airplane passengers to include a Citizenship Identification Number (NIK) at the time of ticket reservation as well as urging aircraft passengers to use the COVID-19 PeduliLindungi Application.

"Air transportation operators are required to implement physical distancing on aircraft, with a maximum of 70 percent of the aircraft’s carrying capacity for narrow-body and wide-body jet transport categories," Riyanto stated.

Airport operators are still required to serve operations, such as for logistics transportation, emergency or urgent interests and technical landings, he noted.

Circular Letter Number 62 of 2021 aligns with the enactment of Circular Letter of the COVID-19 Task Force Number 17 of 2021 revoking the previous Circular Number 57 of 2021.  

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