It is better to undergo isolation in government health facilities rather than at home.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - It is vital to tighten the implementation of the health protocols to reduce COVID-19 cases and flatten the nation's coronavirus curve, Tri Yunis Miko Wahyono, an epidemiologist at the University of Indonesia's Public Health Faculty has said.

"The health protocols can prevent the surge in cases, (infections can be curbed) by us wearing masks and keeping a distance," Wahyono said when contacted by ANTARA here on Friday.

Even though in Java and Bali there has been an explosion of COVID-19 cases, the recovery of people infected with COVID-19 is at 60 percent, and the vaccinated population is just 10 percent or above, people must still comply with the health protocols, he stressed.

No one should venture out of the home without wearing masks or flout the distancing guidelines, he said

"These practices are two important things, don't leave them behind," he reaffirmed.

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Malaysia and Singapore have imposed regulations related to wearing masks and keeping a distance, Wahyono said. With these regulations, the level of compliance is expected to be higher and law enforcement stronger to manifest discipline in carrying out the health protocols, he added.

The epidemiologist advised all parties including health-sector cadres and officials at neighborhood/hamlet levels to massively publicize the importance of wearing masks and keeping a distance.

He also said each district's ability to conduct COVID-19 testing and tracing should be strengthened.

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It is expected that Indonesia's surveillance capabilities will advance, such as being able to test one person per 1,000 population for COVID-19, execute excellent contact tracing wherein at least 10 contacts are traced per one confirmed COVID-19 case, Wahyono said.

It is necessary to immediately report cases of COVID-19 in the community so that isolation can be undertaken to prevent COVID-19 transmission, he added.

It is better to undergo isolation in government health facilities rather than at home, he advised.

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