Parents urged to prepare disabled children for independent living

Parents urged to prepare disabled children for independent living

A person with disability registers before receiving the COVID-19 vaccine at the municipal social office in Madiun, East Java, on Monday (August 9). ANTARA PHOTO/Siswowidodo/rwa.

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Parents or caretakers play a crucial role in preparing children with disabilities to live and work independently in future, Deputy Assistant for Special Needs Children of the Women's Empowerment and Child Protection Ministry Elvi Hendriani stated.

Apart from training their child to lead an independent living and equip them with skills to work in future, Hendriani reminded parents or caretakers to ensure fulfilment of their daily needs and access for the children first.

"Parents' or caretakers' role is essential to ensure fulfilment of needs of children with disabilities under their care, as the main goal of caring for them is to allow them to live independently and prepare them to work in future," Hendriani stated during a live consultation webinar on protection for children with special needs in Jakarta on Friday.

Hendriani appealed to parents or caretakers to acquire new information or knowledge necessary to bring up their children with mental aptitude and skills required for the future, especially during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Children with disabilities are highly vulnerable to the pandemic and its changes, as it may affect their health, mental state, personal development, education, and welfare, she noted.

"Children with disabilities are highly dependent on their parents or caretakers to help them in their daily activities, including for their mobility and communication," she stated.

Daily needs usually accessed with ease for a child with disability might be restricted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Restriction to access health services, education, and information for the child during the pandemic might also exasperate parents, Hendriani noted.

"These changes not only affect children with disabilities but also their parents or guardians," Hendriani stated.

To assists parents or caretakers of children with disabilities, the ministry has prepared a guideline to assist disabled children during the COVID-19 pandemic accessible from the official COVID-19 website, she remarked. 

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