Surabaya (ANTARA) - Legislator from Surabaya's Regional Legislative Council (DPRD) from Commission C, William Wirakusuma, requested the Surabaya city government to increase the number of bottle ATMs to swap plastic bottles for tickets to ride the Suroboyo Bus.

Wirakusuma noted that several Suroboyo Bus fleets are currently equipped with reverse vending machines, or bottle ATMs.

"This Bottle ATM is very helpful and able to reduce the staff's workload. I hope that in future, the government would provide such bottle ATMs not just in buses," he remarked.

Wirakusuma called to increase the number of bottle ATMs, especially at strategic locations, such as sub-district offices, universities, and terminals. The presence of this tool can also improve the Surabaya residents' waste sorting culture.

The chairman of the PSI Surabaya faction stated that the equipment is reasonably priced, in the range of Rp40 million-Rp70 million per unit. For Surabaya, with a regional budget of almost Rp10 trillion, this amount is quite low-priced.

Moreover, bottle ATMs offer several benefits, not only for the convenience of transportation services but also for building a culture of sorting waste. The waste management budget in Surabaya alone reaches hundreds of billions of rupiah.

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"I read an article that this tool can be produced domestically. There was a student who conducted research that this tool only cost around Rp30 million. Surabaya has thousands of vocational and engineering students, and they should be able to make one of this," he stated.

The bottle ATM supply pattern can be self-produced or rented. If Surabaya's vocational and engineering students are able to produce the machine, it will be immensely helpful. The rental system can be built by cooperating with third parties that rent out waste management services through the procurement and maintenance of bottle ATMs.

"I personally prefer that we can produce our own bottle ATMs, so that the quantity and price can be adjusted. If we especially produce it ourselves, then there is a sense of ownership and pride. We must connect social issues with university innovation by using this bottle ATM as an example," Wirakusuma remarked.

Surabaya Mayor Eri Cahyadi had earlier launched a new fleet, route, and electronic payment system for the Suroboyo Bus at the Surabaya City Hall on August 23.

The mayor inaugurated eight new buses to complement the 20 fleets operating earlier. The new fleets will be serving a new route from the Intermoda Joyoboyo Bus Terminal (TIJ) to Mayjend Jono Soewojo.

In addition, the payment system increased with several options, such as exchanging plastic bottle waste or non-cash (electronic) payments via a QRIS scan connected to Gopay, Ovo, and various other non-cash payment applications.
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