Bappenas details capital city transfer plan for 2022

Bappenas details capital city transfer plan for 2022

Minister of National Development Planning, Suharso Monoarfa (standing third from right), visits the zero point of the new capital city development and the location for the state palace in Penajam Paser Utara district on April 12, 2021. (ANTARA/HO-Bappenas Public Relations/KT).

The nation's capital city movement plan will be one of Bappenas' eight main activities in 2022, based on its function of planning.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The integrated move to the nation's new capital will be the focus of Bappenas' 2022 work plan, Head of the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), Suharso Monoarfa, has said.

"In the masterplan, the development (of the new capital city) is estimated to take 15-20 years," Monoarfa informed during a meeting with Commission XI of the House of Representatives here on Wednesday.

He said Bappenas has segmented the timeline for implementing the plan, as that is what it is trying to solve.

The Nation's Capital Bill has been completed and discussed among ministries and institutions, he noted. The capital transfer will depend on the COVID-19 situation, he added.

Other than the integration of the single output movement that has become Bappenas' work plan for next year, the agency is focusing on the readiness of an authority or agency for the capital movement, the minister said.

"The agency (responsible for) the move of nation's capital has been talked about among ministries and institutions, and the related Presidential Decree has been drafted and will adjust to the nation's capital Law," he added.

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Monoarfa also apprised the commission of the preparations for the Indonesia's capital city transfer plan that have continued to be implemented, such as a design update of the Central Government Core Area (KIPP).

Preparations for the nation's new capital include adjustments and transfer stages for the State Apparatus, National Defense Forces, State Intelligence Agency, National Police, and detailed scale modeling, he added.

Then, the basic design for Indonesia's new capital on a detailed scale of 1:5,000 for housing and offices is required, Monoarfa said.

In addition, there are plans for construction, environment, and land development for KIPP that will be conducted in August 2021, he added.

"The nation's capital city movement plan will be one of Bappenas' eight main activities in 2022, based on its function of planning," he pointed out.

The agency will coordinate the preparation of the government's working plan in 2023, National Long-Term Development Plan for 2025-2045, and National Medium-Term Development Plan for 2025-2029, he highlighted.

"There are also the strategic coordination of geopark development, coordination of One Data Indonesia, and the road map arrangement for Indonesia's economic transformation after COVID-19," Monoarfa said,

While the last two main activities are the food estate masterplan and the acceleration of Papua's development, based on the Presidential Decree No.9 of 2020 and Law No.2 of 2021, he added.

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