Reopening of recreational spots projected to revive Surabaya's economy

Reopening of recreational spots projected to revive Surabaya's economy

Head of Commission A for the Government of the Surabaya House of Representatives Pertiwi Ayu Krishna. (ANTARA PHOTOS/HO-DPRD Surabaya)

Surabaya (ANTARA) - The public entertainment recreational spots in Surabaya City, East Java, has the potential to encourage economic revitalization once it is reopened in the near future following improvement in the COVID-19 situation.

"The opening of this public entertainment recreational spots will definitely make the economy in Surabaya run as normal again," Head of Commission A for the Government of the Surabaya House of Representatives Pertiwi Ayu Krishna stated in Surabaya on Saturday.

Krishna noted that since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the economic situation in Surabaya had been impacted, as several economic sectors were compelled to close in line with the central government's rules.

However, citing the Health Ministry's data, Krishna stated that Surabaya was currently at level 2 of public activities restrictions, so there was already some leeway for conducting activities or businesses.

Surabaya Mayor's Regulation (Perwali) is yet awaited to operate entertainment venues.

"We have not yet received the mayor's latest regulation regarding the public entertainment recreation area," he clarified.

Following the issuance of the mayor's latest regulation, the Surabaya city government will announce the same to each public entertainment recreational spots.

"Fast or not, the mayoral regulation depends on the mayor, wherein there is a COVID-19 Task Force team that can conduct an assessment before the public entertainment recreational spots are opened," he expounded.

Although the public entertainment recreational spots may be opened, the management and visitors of the venue must still conform to health protocols, he emphasized.

"Hence, whether it is level 2 or level 1, it is still obligatory to conduct health procedures, especially wearing masks and avoiding crowds," he noted.

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Chairman of the Surabaya General Recreation and Entertainment Entrepreneurs Association George Handiwiyanto said his side expects the public entertainment venues to be allowed to operate.

"Everything is not allowed to open yet, and only malls can operate. I do not want to compare public entertainment recreation areas and malls. All along, public entertainment recreation areas are allowed to open using antigens (as requirement to enter), and that is also expensive," Handiwiyanto remarked.

He called on visitors to use barcode scans, such as mall visitors, who use the care protect application.

"I will give directions for this later, if possible, like the rules at the mall, wherein visitors use barcodes. The aim of this country is to achieve herd immunity. For the entertainment segment, it is all vaccines," he noted.

Owner of PT Rasa Sayang Inti, Heri Kuncoro, stated that the government should focus on the condition of employees in public entertainment recreational spots, given that some of them work to support their families.

"They (employees) are the heads of families, and they have families to support. My solution is not to fully close them (the public entertainment venues), so they can work," he stated.

The employees of this nightclub are not only tens or hundreds, but thousands, so they are encountering difficulties in finding work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I am optimistic that the government would provide opportunities for public entertainment recreation area workers. It is possible to open them even with a time limit. That alone is sufficient," he added.

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