Mass vaccinations to be conducted at tourist attractions in Surabaya

Mass vaccinations to be conducted at tourist attractions in Surabaya

Vaccination center at Surabaya Zoo on September 13, 2021. (ANTARA PHOTO/Surabaya City Government PR/rst)

Surabaya (ANTARA) - The Surabaya city government expressed its readiness to conduct mass vaccinations at several local tourist attractions in order to achieve herd immunity in the city.

The high level of enthusiasm among members of the community to partake in vaccination at the Surabaya Zoo (KBS) on Sept 13, prompted his administration to conduct vaccinations at other tourist attractions.

"Actually, we also want to do the same at other places," Surabaya Mayor Eri Cahyadi stated.

The mayor will select a location with wide open spaces for better air circulation and to prevent crowding.

"Later, we will attempt to do the same at other tourist attractions, such as Kenjeran. Maybe, they will have a tent to make it comfortable for vaccine recipients," he remarked.

In addition to tourist attractions, mass vaccinations will simultaneously be conducted at 130 urban villages. On September 13, the vaccinations were also conducted across 165 locations.

"Moreover, some 22 vaccine cars from the Surabaya city police are available, and we will also target door-to-door vaccination," he noted.

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Mayor Cahyadi is optimistic about the number of vaccination centers in the city rising to expedite the realization of vaccination targets in Surabaya. Moreover, the Indonesian Military (TNI) and National Police (Polri), apart from the Surabaya Health Service, are offering support to the health workers and vaccinators in Surabaya.

"Greater the number of health workers, the more the vaccine cars we run now. Thus, we can accelerate to achieve 100-percent vaccination. Currently, it is 98 percent for the first dose, and 65 percent for the second dose," he stated.

In addition, his side is optimistic that herd immunity in the agglomeration areas of Surabaya, Gresik, and Sidoarjo would be achieved soon, as communities in these three areas are interconnected and cannot be separated.

"This vaccination target in agglomeration areas can be achieved as well, so that Surabaya can move to level 1 or the green zone," he added.
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