President appreciative of public adherence to health protocols

President appreciative of public adherence to health protocols

Screenshot of Jokowi giving a speech during a virtual seminar in Jakarta on Wednesday, September 15. (ANTARA PHOTOS/Indra Arief/my)

A very sharp decline. Our daily case percentage is 13.6 daily cases per one million, far below that of our neighboring ASEAN countries
Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) expressed gratitude for the careful reopening of the economic sector during the pandemic, going hand-in-hand with the public's adherence to health protocols.

"Thank God, the careful reopening of the economic sector is followed by the people and the businesses, so that we can start to see some improvements in the economy once more," the head of state noted during a virtual seminar UOB Economic Outlook 2022here on Wednesday.

Jokowi remarked that a common consensus was reached on health being the utmost priority, and boosting economic activities was deemed necessary. Jokowi highlighted that the government had sought the best solution to both handle the COVID-19 pandemic and drive the wheels of the economy once more.

"Hence, we have to hit the gas and brake at the right time in accordance with the current situation," Widodo emphasized.

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The president pointed to a decline in the number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia. Although it offered a ray of hope and a way to foster an optimistic outlook, he has continued to remind everyone to stay vigilant.

Despite being the country ranked fourth in terms of population, Indonesia is not among the top 10 countries with the highest cases globally.

The daily case count also continued to decline, from its peak on July 15, 2021, recorded at 56 thousand, declining to 2,577 cases on September 13, 2021.

"A very sharp decline. Our daily case percentage is 13.6 daily cases per one million, far below that of our neighboring ASEAN countries. The hospital occupancy rate has also fallen. Our national BOR is at 13.8 percent, while the Athlete's Village BOR, earlier at 92 percent, has now also dropped to seven percent," President Jokowi stated while hinting at the good tidings.

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The president also noted that as of September 12, 2021, Indonesia's daily positivity rate was pegged at 2.64 percent, or better than the world's 8.34 percent. On the other hand, Indonesia's recovery rate currently sat at 94.03 percent, or above the world average of 89.59 percent.

He remarked that some 72.76 million people, or 34.94 percent of the population in Indonesia had been vaccinated, while in terms of the administered doses, it was at 42.2 percent.

"We will continue to increase vaccination and expedite the process, but we must always be vigilant and stay disciplined in applying health protocols. Always wear masks," President Jokowi stated.

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He further noted that the government had offered several incentives for the business world.

The finance minister had allocated Rp695.2 trillion (some US$48 billion) worth of economic recovery funds in 2020, with a realization of Rp579.8 trillion (about US$40 billion). In 2021, the figure reached Rp744.75 trillion (some US$52 billion), with realization until July reaching Rp305.5 trillion (some US$21 billion).

"The funds are allocated in a balanced way for supporting health and recovery of the national economy and to encourage balanced economic activities," Jokowi added.

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