Cybersecurity literacy increasingly critical to support successful digital transformation: Huawei TechDay 2021

Cybersecurity literacy increasingly critical to support successful digital transformation: Huawei TechDay 2021


Workshop held by Huawei, Poltek SSN, and industry emphasizes importance of optimizing advanced technologies, blockchain from a cybersecurity perspective.

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Globally renowned ICT solutions provider Huawei Indonesia once again holds the TechDay event on cybersecurity and digital transformation together with the State Cyber and Cryptography Polytechnic (Poltek SSN), a government-owned polytechnic managed by the National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN).

TechDay 2021 will be held over two sessions, the first of which is a panel discussion with cybersecurity experts, “Cybersecurity in Digital Transformation.” The keynote speakers are Deputy of Cybersecurity and Crypto Operations BSSN, Major General Yoseph Puguh E.S., VP/Partner Development Director Huawei Indonesia, Pudja Unggul Kartiman and Director of Poltek SSN Nunil Pantjawati.

Meanwhile, the panelists include Spokesperson and Head of Research and Development BSSN Anton Setiyawan, Chief Engineer of National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) BRIN RM Taufik Yuniantoro, GM Network Security Management Telkomsel Nizar Fuadi, Senior Lecturer at Poltek SSN Dr. Bety Hayat Susanti and Cyber Security and Privacy Protection Officer Huawei Indonesia Syarbeni.

The second session comprises a series of workshops: “Machine Learning Fundamentals for Cybersecurity” with Raden Budiarto, Lecturer of Poltek SSN, and “Build Safe and New Connected World Era with Harmony OS and HMS Ecosystem” with Steven Pongidin, Developer Support Manager Huawei Indonesia.

Deputy of Cybersecurity and Crypto Operations BSSN, Major General Yoseph Puguh E.S. said that in addition to creating opportunities in the right direction, digital transformation may also expose vulnerabilities to cyberthreats. To that end, building and improving cybersecurity awareness and literacy among Indonesians are very important.

“The government has prepared various programs to improve cybersecurity literacy, including programs aimed at developing digital talents’ competence in cybersecurity. Our aim is to accelerate digital transformation in all sectors towards a successful Indonesia Emas 2045. To realize this mission, the government requires the support of other stakeholders: industry, education, community, and media. Huawei TechDay 2021 is one such contribution that we have come to expect. We would like to bestow our highest appreciation upon Huawei Indonesia, Poltek SSN, BPPT, and Telkomsel for their contribution towards increasing cybersecurity literacy,” said Yoseph.

Meanwhile, Director of Poltek SSN, Nunil Pantjawati, said that cybersecurity literacy is an important foundation for Poltek SSN students, who are on their way to become Indonesia’s competent future talents.

“An understanding and awareness of the importance of cybersecurity is a fundamental requirement for digital talents, because in the cyberspace, threats can come from anywhere, even other users. That is why we are hoping to increase cybersecurity literacy for the general public, but especially within Poltek SSN, in order to raise our collective vigilance and optimize how we can take advantage of digital technologies,” said Nunil.

TechDay 2021 is part of the Memorandum of Understanding between Huawei Indonesia and BSSN, which stipulates competency development for Indonesia’s digital talents, especially in cybersecurity. For Huawei itself, the TechDay 2021 program also reflects one of its efforts to contribute to Indonesia’s 100 thousand digital talents within five years.

Cyber Security and Privacy Protection Officer Huawei Indonesia, Syarbeni also said, "Trust in cybersecurity has become a significant concern worldwide as the world becomes more and more digital. Trust must be based on verifiable facts, which in turn must be based on shared standards. Shared standards such as NESAS/SCAS which has been widely accepted in the mobile industry are an effective way to build cybersecurity trust in this digital age. In addition, we need together to continuously improve our professional capabilities while enhancing awareness about cybersecurity."

VP/Partner Development Director Huawei Indonesia, Pudja Unggul Kartiman, said, “TechDay is one concrete step we are making to honor our longstanding commitment since Huawei was established in Indonesia over 21 years ago. It is consistently held together with universities, involving technology experts and industry. Through this program, we are sharing our knowledge and best practices to help educators and students alike grasp a real understanding of the dynamics in ICT as well as the challenges and opportunities. This will be beneficial for students to fulfil industry needs. As with TechDay 2021, together with Poltek SSN, we are raising cybersecurity as a very critical topic in today’s digital, interconnected era.”