Health protocols, vaccinations key to lower PPKM level: police chief

Health protocols, vaccinations key to lower PPKM level: police chief

National Police chief Listyo Sigit Prabowo, Medan Mayor Bobby Nasution, and North Sumatra Police chief Inspectorate General Panca Putra Simanjutak reviewed mass vaccinations at Laucih Market, Medan city on Friday (September 17, 2021). (ANTARA/HO-Divisi Humas Polri/my)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo reiterated the importance of health protocol monitoring and expediting vaccinations during a visit to North Sumatra to observe a mass vaccination drive on Friday.

In a written statement released by the National Police's public relations division in Jakarta on Friday, Prabowo noted that several areas in North Sumatra province are still imposing Level 4 public activity restrictions (PPKM).

"Vaccination activities must be intensified so that the city of Medan can immediately lower the level, especially in areas that are currently still at Level 4. Because the key is how to enforce health procedures, on the one hand, how after relaxing vaccination activities must be strengthened," Prabowo said.

The implementation of health protocols and vaccinations is crucial so that people can return to activities that would have an impact on economic growth, he added.

"In addition, the development of COVID-19 cases can be controlled," he pointed out.

Prabowo and National Defense Force Commander Air Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto made the visit to observe mass vaccinations at the Laucih Main Market, Medan city, North Sumatra.

During the visit, the four-star general lauded the steps taken by the Medan city government to conduct vaccinations at the market, considering that the location posed a risk of COVID-19 transmission due to lively community activities.

"The main market activity from night to morning, of course, needs special attention. Thank you, Mister Mayor, who has conducted vaccination activities at the market," the former head of the National Police's Criminal Investigation Department said.

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During the working visit, Prabowo and Tjahjanto held a virtual teleconference with the vaccination program's participants, who hailed from 31 cities and districts in North Sumatra.

"Following the direction of the President to accelerate vaccinations, today the National Defense Force Commander and I visited to see firsthand the efforts to accelerate vaccinations by adding vaccination points," Prabowo stated.

The North Sumatra regional leadership forum must continue to push the vaccination program, he stressed. This would ensure that the vaccination target of two million vaccines per day set by President Joko Widodo is realized.

"We expect the achievement to continuously be improved because we have a target to reach: 2.3 million vaccines a day, as the President expects. So, the daily average must be above 114 thousand, so, of course, this target must be really pursued," Prabowo remarked.

To achieve this target, people must get vaccinated, he said. Residents are expected to immediately head to the vaccine booth prepared by the National Defense Force and Police Force, he added.

"For people who are hesitant to vaccinate, let's flock to the vaccination outlets that have been prepared. And, of course, those who have been vaccinated must still wear masks. That's what we can say, let's wear masks, let's get vaccinated immediately," Prabowo added.

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