Bogor-Cianjur agrees to make odd-even scheme on Puncak road permanent

Bogor-Cianjur agrees to make odd-even scheme on Puncak road permanent

Bogor district head Ade Yasin and Cianjur district head Herman Suherman attending a meeting in Cisarua, Bogor district, West Java on Saturday (September 18, 2021). (ANTARA/M Fikri Setiawan)

Bogor, West Java (ANTARA) - Bogor District Head Ade Yasin and Cianjur District Head Herman Suherman have agreed to support the Transportation Ministry to permanently implement the odd-even license plate policy on the road section of West Java's famous Puncak tourist area. 

"We support the government's implementation of the odd-even traffic control scheme in Puncak after the district authority relied on the one-way road scheme to control Puncak Road traffic for 36 years. We hope the odd-even scheme will improve the Puncak traffic situation," Yasin said after a meeting between the Bogor and Cianjur district authorities in Cisarua, Bogor, Saturday.

Despite supporting the odd-even scheme adoption, she said she considered the scheme a short-term solution for the traffic control management issue.

Yasin suggested that the government construct the Second Puncak Road as a long-term solution for traffic control in Puncak.

Meanwhile, Cianjur District Head Suherman requested policy enforcers to exempt Cianjur residents from the odd-even restriction.

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"I agree on the odd-even scheme implementation in the Cianjur section of the Puncak Road. If local residents are exempted from the scheme and allowed to pass anytime, it will be more advantageous for them," Suherman stated.

The odd-even traffic control scheme applied in Puncak Road is being jointly enforced by five regional police forces of Bogor city and district, Sukabumi city and district, and Cianjur district.

The five police forces are handling 14 checkpoints scattered along Puncak Road, with the cities of Bogor and Sukabumi each managing two checkpoints, Bogor district handling eight posts, and the districts of Cianjur and Sukabumi each monitoring one location.

The odd-even traffic control scheme on Puncak Road, which has entered the third week of the trial, is being implemented from Friday noon until Sunday evening.

The Bogor District Police has also confirmed that checkpoints have been installed at eight entry points from Jakarta to monitor incoming vehicles' car plates.

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