Local wisdom is vital foundation to preserve marine resources: KKP

Local wisdom is vital foundation to preserve marine resources: KKP

Director General of KKP's Marine and Fishery Resources Supervision Adin Nurawaluddin. ANTARA/HO-KKP/FR

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Various forms of local wisdom serve as an important foundation to preserve the richness and diversity of the nation's marine and fishery resources, according to the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.

In a press statement here on Tuesday, the ministry's Director General of Marine and Fishery Resources Supervision Adin Nurawaluddin spoke of feeling strongly about the local wisdom and value that was expected to serve as a foundation to preserve marine and fishery resources.

Nurawaluddin cited the wise saying "Na Senising Kami Bala," or do not pass destruction on to us, from the people in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara, that has become an important message to convey to ensure the sustainability of marine and fishery resources.

"Na senising kami bala" is a prudent saying that has existed since long in Sumbawa, so as to not leave a trail of destruction behind for the next generation.

To this end, Nurawaluddin highlighted the importance of not catching fish using fish bombing and poison.

He explained that fish bombing practices applied in the water ecosystem can be detrimental to the environment as well as endanger the fishermen using them.

Nurawaluddin noted that Teluk Saleh, located in Sumbawa, has diverse fishery resources, which were national assets, that had to be protected and preserved.

In 2021, the ministry had handled 31 destructive fishing cases that comprised 23 incidents of fish bombing and four each of electrocution and fish poisoning.

In these cases, 95 perpetrators were caught and are currently undergoing further legal proceedings.

It was earlier reported that the ministry will continue to boost its capability to monitor fishery activities to ensure that the equipment used by fishermen adhered to the sustainability regulation.

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