W Java's vaccination for disabled can be emulated nationwide: Official

W Java's vaccination for disabled can be emulated nationwide: Official

Presidential Staff Angkie Yudistia (left) and the Head of the Acceleration of West Java COVID-19 Vaccination Dedi Supandi in Padjajaran University's Mass Vaccination for People With Disability Bandung Cicendo State Special School, Saturday, September 25, 2021. (ANTARA/HO-Humas Disdik Jabar)

Bandung (ANTARA) - Presidential Staff Angkie Yudistia believes that COVID-19 vaccination for people with disabilities in West Java could serve as a sample for inoculating this group on a nationwide scale.

"This mass vaccination for people with disabilities is an actual form of collaboration between parties, ranging from local governments, private parties, and organizations to volunteers. This is a form of positive collaboration for the community to surmount the pandemic. West Java serves as an example for the nation," Yudistia stated in Bandung on Saturday.

The special mass vaccination was hosted by the Bandung Cicendo State Special School. Yudistia remarked that one of the positive developments pertaining to the vaccination of disabled people was that the target for the first dose of vaccination had been crossed.

"For West Java, the targeted allocation was 60,824 (people with disabilities) or 121,648 doses. For the first dose, it exceeded the target, which was 101 percent," she noted.

She remarked that vaccinations for people with disabilities in Bandung had yielded satisfactory results. The first dose was administered to 100 percent of its allocated target of 13,755.

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Yudistia admitted to the challenges in inoculating Indonesian residents, especially those with disabilities.

Moreover, it is tough for them, given the broad type of disabilities and vulnerabilities they had, she stated.

"At first, we thought that achieving herd immunity in the community of people with disabilities would be difficult, because first of all, the access is limited, while the second issue is misinformation. Hence, many of our friends with disabilities did not receive information of vaccination and were unclear," she remarked.

Yudistia affirmed that this mass COVID-19 vaccination for people with disabilities in West  Java serves as an actual form of collaboration between several stakeholders in surmounting the COVID-19 pandemic.

"To be honest, at first, I had lost hope because the vaccination (rate for people with disabilities) did not increase, and it (stayed) at 20 percent or 30 percent, until eventually, we met Mrs. Ira (Chairman of Padjajaran University Alumni Association) and her administration, and then we thought we can do this for sure," she remarked.

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On the occasion, she handed over certificates of appreciation for #DisabilitasBISAVaksinasi in West Java to 13 stakeholders, such as the West Java governor, chairman of the West Java Province Family Welfare and Empowerment Mobilization Team, the Bandung City Government represented by the deputy mayor of Bandung, head of Acceleration of West Java COVID-19 Vaccination, head of the West Java Health Office, and head of West Java Education Office.

Head of the West Java Social Office, general chairman of the Padjadjaran University Alumni Association, the Army Military Command and Training Center, the Padjajaran University's Medical Faculty Alumni Association, HIPPINDO and the Bandung Independent Living Center were also presented certificates.

Meanwhile, the Padjadjaran University Alumni Association also lauded all stakeholders for their support for the success of the Padjajaran University Alumni Association Mass Vaccination for People With Disability. (INE) Related news: Face-to-face learning commences at 1,471 schools in West Java