The scale for ocean resources should at least take account of the three main variables of economy, ecology, and social.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The number of pillars that will be the foundation in the scale for ocean resources should not solely take into account the economic aspect, the Indonesian Traditional Fishermen Association (KNTI) stated.

"The scale for ocean resources should at least take account of the three main variables of economy, ecology, and social," Executive Chairman of KNTI Dani Setiawan noted here on Wednesday.

The utilization of ocean resources should obviously include the variable of economy in order to advance the sector, according to Setiawan.

However, within the economy variable, the economic prosperity of fishermen as well as access to ocean resources by small fishermen should also be taken into account, he remarked.

Meanwhile, the ecology variable refers to the ocean's health, sustainability of resources, and the ecological impact of activities in the realm of oceans and shorelines, he opined.

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Lastly, the social variable includes at least the indicator for the prosperity of fishermen and those living along the shorelines, inequality between shoreline sector and non-shoreline sector, as well as creation of jobs and activities within those sectors, Setiawan stated.

Earlier, it was reported that the Marine Affairs and Fisheries Ministry (KKP) was designing the scale for ocean resources to support sustainable investment that the government is striving for in several regions in Indonesia.

Acting Director General of the Ministry's Ocean Management (PRL) Pamuji Lestari expounded that the scale for ocean resources is an instrument to measure the condition of ocean resources in Indonesia periodically and measure the impact of investment on Indonesia's ocean assets.

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"The need to design the ocean resources' scale became urgent after Law No. 11 of 2020 on Job Creation to encourage investment activities was rolled out," he elaborated.

The scale for ocean resources was formulated in collaboration with the Geospacial Information Agency (BIG), Finance Ministry, and Statistics Indonesia (BPS), and it was also the first to be done in Indonesia.

"The scale for ocean resources is considered as one of the accurate measuring devices since it could calculate the economical value versus the potential ecological losses, also known as the economic value of investment," Lestari expounded.

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