We have also designed Sigantang Sira as a pilot area for research and technology development through collaboration with South Aceh Polytechnic
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The lengthy, arduous journey from Tapaktuan to Trumon Tengah, South Aceh, is worth the while after being greeted by the splendid view of Sigantang Sira Hill from all directions.

Apart from offering a scenic hilly panorama, Sigantang Sira Hill also leaves visitors spellbound with views of the green tint of the Indian Ocean.

From atop the hill, visitors can see the palm trees in the sub-districts of Trumon, Central Trumon, and East Trumon that spread like gigantic green carpets.

Although the road to reach the peak of Sigantang Sira is still unpaved, this tourist site is almost always filled with visitors from within and outside South Aceh Regency, especially in the afternoon.

Trees, reaching as high as 30 meters, line the left and right sides towards the peak, giving the impression of a forest laboratory area.

On reaching the peak, visitors will be overwhelmed by views of the sea of ​​​​clouds and the beautiful sights of sunrise and sunset.

Visitors can also experience the cool air from the breeze and enjoy servings of coconut water and boiled peanuts, adding to the attraction of this new natural tourist site in South Aceh.

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The initiator and developer of Sigantang Sira Hill, Tgk Abrar Muda, remarked that his side will continue to repair and build various forms of infrastructure there.

The road section from the first view to the peak will be paved, and seats will be built at the top of the peak to offer comfort to travelers while visiting Sigantang Sira.

Located in the hills, with an altitude of about 400 meters above sea level and an area of ​​​​about 25 hectares, Sigantang Sira appears to be a magnet that can attract local, national, and even foreign tourists.

Sigantang Sira Hill, which is one of the current most popular highland tourist destinations, offers a unique feeling to visitors.

The position of Sigantang Sira is strategic because it is located on the Tapaktuan-Medan (North Sumatra) national road and has been nominated for the Anugerah Pesona Indonesia (API) Award 2021 in the most popular highland category with the code 10H.

"I am hopeful of the people's support to bag the first rank of API 2021. This is a battle to make a name for our region in the national tourism arena," Abrar Muda remarked.

He shed light on the initial story of developing Sigantang Sira as a tourist site.
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"My village (Trumon) needs a touch because it already has stunning natural beauty," he remarked.

This area was earlier named "Pintu Angin," which means door of the wind.

Historically, salt traders from the coast always carried scales called "sigantang" during their trade with the inhabitants of mountain villages. At that time, they still engaged in barter transactions, he stated.

"The salt traders, who carry the scales (sigantang), always rest on this hill. That is why I named this tourist attraction 'Sigantang Sira,'" he explained.

It takes about 1.5 hours by car to reach Sigantang Sira Peak, which is some 78 kilometers from Tapaktuan, the capital of South Aceh District.

In future, Abrar Muda plans to connect the Sigantang Sira Peak with other tourist attractions in the vicinity, such as the Trumon royal fort, the Trumon Kings complex, the Trumon Conservation Response Unit (CRU), and the Pulo Dua tourist site in Bakongan.

"Trumon area has a long-standing history for Aceh and Indonesia because there once was a big kingdom here that had its own currency. Hence, a natural tourism site will be developed with Trumon's history as a former kingdom area," he revealed.

Sigantang Sira has the concept of a tourism site based on agricultural activities, environmental conservation, and a research area for supporting education and technology development and innovation that benefits the community.

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"We have also designed Sigantang Sira as a pilot area for research and technology development through collaboration with South Aceh Polytechnic," he remarked.

Member of Commission X of the House of Representatives Illiza Saa'duddin Djamal lauded and welcomed local governments, who have started to realize that development of the tourism sector will have an impact on accelerating economic growth.

South Aceh has vast potential for development of the tourism sector on account of its natural panorama, sea, and culture. Hence, Sigantang Sira holds bright future prospects to attract tourists.

In South Aceh, myriad tourism potentials can be developed, right from the extraordinary nature and sea, for instance, Sigantang Sira, with its beautiful panorama, to the elephant training location (CRU).

If this potential is merged, it will become a great tourist attraction.

Sigantang Sira as a tourist site is expected to be a "locomotive" or a push for development of the tourism sector to encourage economic growth, especially in South Aceh and Aceh.

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