Official reminds TNI to be wary of ideological war threats

Official reminds TNI to be wary of ideological war threats

Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly Bambang Soesatyo during a virtual seminar broadcasted on YouTube, Monday, September 6, 2021. (ANTARA/Genta Tenri Mawangi)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Speaker of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) Bambang Soesatyo reminded the National Defense Force (TNI) to always remain cautious of the threat of ideological war in commemorating the 76th Anniversary of the TNI.

Soesatyo, in his statement in Jakarta on Tuesday, called to watch out for the threat of ideological war apart from the dangers of modern war, which now applies digital technology and involves nuclear and biological warfare, as well as other long-distance technologies.

The TNI and MPR must unitedly enforce the existing ideology using the "Four Pillars of People’s Consultative Assembly" that is applied to strengthen the current community proverbial immunity, so that they can dispel foreign values that threaten national identity and character.

"The world's ideological war is a latent danger that can rip apart the unity and integrity of the nation," Soesatyo remarked.

Soesatyo did admit to some form of negligence in the process of transforming the national ideology from abstract ideal formulations to collective practices of state, nationality, and society.

"We are also not fully optimal in preventing the infiltration of narratives and counter-state-ideology movements in various aspects," he remarked.

He lauded the Indonesian Military for its various steps, so it was always a state institution most trusted by the people. The fact can be monitored through the Indicator Survey conducted on April 13-17, 2021, for instance, the TNI was ranked first by securing 89 percent of the people's trust.

Earlier, the Indonesian Survey Institute (LSI), which conducted a survey on January 25-31, 2020, noted that the TNI had garnered 95 percent of the people's trust.

"To maintain the people's trust, the TNI must always improve its performance, of course, with the support of adequate defense equipment," he affirmed.

Currently, the TNI is entering the third stage (2020-2024) of completing the "minimum essential force" (MEF), Soesatyo remarked. This year, only 60 percent of the MEF was achieved.

Soesatyo noted that the celebration of the 76th anniversary of the TNI should be used as a momentum to improve the welfare of their soldiers, especially in home ownership.

If something happens to the soldiers in their line of duty to protect the sovereignty of the country, the families left behind will not face much difficulties regarding housing, he pointed out.

He highlighted that the soldiers only received official housing facilities that had to be returned to the state once they retired. Oftentimes, official residences lead to various problems.

"Although there are 11 components of the allowance received by soldiers, the amount is not sufficient to meet the needs of their families," he pointed out.

Moreover, the allowance was less as compared to their difficult tasks of maintaining the country's sovereignty with lives at stake, he emphasized.

"Hence, an increase in allowances is absolutely necessary. The government can start by increasing the allowance, from the current 60 percent of the basic salary, to 70-80 percent of the soldier's base salary," he added.

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