Beijing (ANTARA) - ‘My China Story’ International Short Video Competition 2021 is a gathering of storytellers and video makers telling their stories of living, working, studying, and traveling in China. These stories are both told by local Chinese people and foreigners living in China.
And with the inclusion of foreigners, it’s not foreigners just telling Chinese stories but it’s about the foreigners telling own Chinese stories from their perspective. And the event is a celebration of that.

But for Josh, who has been working as a foreign video journalist in China for many years, he goes to meet other foreigners to see what their China stories are? And discover how they find ways to tell their ‘China stories’ while exploring how they shape those stories as a storyteller or a narrator.
Josh will also be speaking to Chinese video makers at the event to find out what they think about stories told by foreigners? And what makes it special?

And with the event wrapping up this year for its third annual edition in Zhongshan city in southern Guangdong province, Josh explores how the event is bringing together foreigners and Chinese people to find innovative ways on story narration whilst working on approaches that ‘merge differences, not demonstrate differences’ in storytelling.

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