PON: West Java emerges as general champion in shooting

PON: West Java emerges as general champion in shooting

West Java's Trisnarmanto prepares his rifle during the men's individual 50-meter rifle 3 positions final at the Indoor Shooting Range, Kampung Harapan, Sentani, Jayapura district, Papua on October 9, 2021. (ANTARA PHOTO/M RISYAL HIDAYAT/KT)

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) - The West Java contingent became the general champion at the Papua PON's shooting event, which took place at the Indoor Shooting Range, Kampung Harapan, and AURI Outdoor Shooting Arena, Jayapura district.

As of Wednesday, the West Java contingent has won a total of 11 gold medals, 2 silvers, and 6 bronzes from 38 sports branches.

The eleven gold medals won by West Java came from the men's 10-meter individual air rifle, the men's 25-meter individual rapid fire pistol, the men's 300-meter individual standard rifle, the men's group 10-meter air pistol, the men's group 10-meter air rifle, and the men's group 50-meter rifle 3 positions events.

The list also includes the women's 10-meter individual air rifle, the women's-10 meter group air pistol, the women's 10-meter group air rifle, the women's group 50-meter rifle 3 positions, and the mixed group's 10-meter air rifle events.

"Of course, we are very grateful because we have exceeded the target set by the West Java KONI (National Sports Committee), which was nine golds," West Java shooting sports coach I Ketut Wahyu Adhidarma said.

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Initially, the West Java shooting team had planned to win 13 gold medals at this 20th National Games (PON), he informed.

"But the results we have are very good and that is more than enough for us," Adhidarma affirmed.

He said that his athletes' achievements at PON Papua were the fruits of two years of training.

"We may miss (the 13 gold medals target) because of the opponents who also keep training. Our progress rose up, but the opponents did not stay silent and practiced even better," he commented on missing the target of 13 golds.

Meanwhile, Papua, the home team, came second with ten gold medals, nine silver medals, and five bronze medals.

The Jakarta team ranked third with six gold medals, seven silver medals, and six bronze medals.

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