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PON success result of cooperation between many parties: minister

PON success result of cooperation between many parties: minister

Minister of Youth and Sports, Zainuddin Amali. (ANTARA/Sihol Hasugian)

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) - The success of the 20th National Sports Week (PON) in Papua has stemmed from the cooperation of many institutions, including the defence forces, police, and regional governments, Minister of Youth and Sports Zainuddin Amali has said.

"I observed that the achievement target, implementation target, and economical target have been achieved in general," the minister said at the RRI Jayapura office.

Achievement-wise, athletes at Papua PON have successfully broken 57 international and national records in several sports, he noted.

Meanwhile, economically, Papua PON has had a positive impact on business players in Papua by increasing their income threefold.

“Excellent collaboration has been built between the central government, ministries, the TNI, and the National Police. In addition, collaboration has also been created between the central government and local governments in the provinces or cities and districts," he said.

The success of Papua PON can also be attributed to the participation of the provinces across the nation who had sent their athletes and officials to compete, he added.

The success of this year’s PON is the answer to the public's doubts and worries, even fears, regarding the implementation of the National Games in Papua, he affirmed.

Meanwhile, head of the Intelligence and Security Agency of the National Police, Paulus Waterpauw, lauded the smooth implementation of Papua PON, under the guidance of Minister Amali.

He said that the successful implementation of the 20th PON in Papua was proof that the Papuan people can host national-level events and set an example for future national events.

"This (PON) shows the dignity of the Papuan people. Before, many people have doubted us. Now, with the success of PON, our dignity has been raised. We are the equal as other brothers and sisters (in other provinces)," Waterpau, who is also a native Papuan, remarked.

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