Papua (ANTARA) - Many tourists headed to Tungku Wiri Hill at Doyo Lama village, Waibhu district, Jayapura, on the closing night of Papua PON on Friday to take in the scenic views of Lake Sentani.

"I was present at the PON Papua's opening by the President at Lukas Enembe Stadium. But because I have to go home tomorrow, I chose this hill to be my last destination in Papua," Retno Dwiyanti (41), who came to support the DKI Jakarta contingent, told Antara in Jayapura.

Tungku Wiri is referred to by tourists as the "Teletubbies hill" because from afar it looks like the place where the characters of the television series live.

A resident of Tanah Hitam, Jayapura city, Dinda Rahma (17) said that access to the top of Tungku Wiri Hill has been fixed. Even at the hill's highest point, some pavings have been installed, she added.

"At the beginning of 2021, it was only the ground. It was too slippery to climb on, and (I was) scared of (the risk of) falling. But now it is very good and not slippery anymore," Rahma said.

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Travelers chose to climb to the top of the hill on Friday to soak in the views of Lake Sentani at dusk, although they had to climb no less than 130 steps.

Many tourists took the opportunity to snap pictures, resting occasionally.

Tungku Wiri Hill is located about thirty minutes to the west of Lukas Enembe Stadium. Due to the relatively long distance, from the top of the hill, the magnificent sports building is concealed and covered by green hills.

"At the opening of PON, only fireworks enlightened the night. Hopefully, tonight's closure will have fireworks as well," Rahma expressed.

On Friday night, visitors to Tungku Wiri Hill were not many, numbering only about a dozen.

This was because the lighting installation at the top of the hill was closed by the manager. Plus, one of the lighting poles seemed damaged.

"Crowds usually happened in the morning and early afternoon. It could be up to hundreds of people who came. During this PON, the number can double," Tungku Wiri Hill parking manager, Jimmy Irew, informed.
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