First, manage intensive and continuous supervision for Polri personnel to avoid officers, who commit irregularities and abuse of power
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Member of Commission III of the House of Representatives (DPR) Didik Mukrianto, supports the tactical and strategic steps of the National Police (Polri) Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo to take firm action against violent personnel.

"I support the tactical and strategic steps of the National Police chief, who is continuously adaptive and responsive to the behavior of Polri members in conducting their duties and responsibilities in the community," Mukrianto noted on Tuesday.

He remarked that the steps taken by the National Police chief were aimed at avoiding abuse of power and arbitrary actions by Polri personnel.

Mukrianto explained that in a democratic legal state, such as Indonesia, with a wide-open digital space, people, including police officers, live in a glass room, with their behavior monitored by others.

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"For this reason, if the National Police chief does not immediately make improvements and mitigate the behavior of his members that are damaging the community, the public will not trust the police and the cultural transformation in Polri will not be realized," he emphasized.

He also expressed optimism that the National Police chief would continue to build and realize "Civilian Police Management" by realizing more humanist police while upholding democracy and human rights.

Mukrianto pressed for several steps to be taken by the Police to eradicate arrogant and unprofessional behavior of its personnel.

"First, manage intensive and continuous supervision for Polri personnel to avoid officers, who commit irregularities and abuse of power," he noted.

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The second step is to conduct mentality and morality courses as well as ensure that duty positions are transparent, professional, and measurable.

This step is deemed necessary in order to continue to build good outlook and behavior of police personnel in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.

“Third, it is necessary to apply a system of ‘reward and punishment.' Ideally, it must also continue to be implemented as part of supervision and guidance," he noted.

According to Mukrianto, the fourth step that the National Police must take is to firmly impose sanctions on its members committing irregularities and abuse of power.

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Earlier, the National Police had conducted strict law enforcement against officers found to have committed violence against the community.

The statement was outlined in a telegram on behalf of the National Police Chief with Number: ST/2162/X/HUK.2.8./2021 signed by Head of the National Police's Propam Division, Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, on October 18, 2021.

Head of the Public Relations Division of the National Police Inspector General Argo Yuwono confirmed that the Police's telegram had been published regarding mitigating and preventing cases of excessive violence by Polri personnel and to provide legal certainty and a sense of justice.

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