Ministry seeking to issue electronic medical records rules this year

Ministry seeking to issue electronic medical records rules this year

Chief of Digital Transformation Office at the Ministry of Health, Setiaji.

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Health is targeting to complete the regulation of electronic medical records this year as a legal umbrella to integrate digital and conventional medical services, an official said.

“The target for this year is to issue a regulation for electronic medical records (e-mr),” chief of the Digital Transformation Office at the Ministry of Health, Setiaji, said during the National Doctor's Day Special HaloTalks event, which was accessed through the Zoom application from here on Friday.

He said the COVID-19 pandemic, which has continued for almost two years, has led to a rise in innovations in various sectors, including digital-based medical services.

"All medical records will be recorded digitally (following the issuance of the regulation). Health data will be integrated from various applications. That way, everyone will have their personal health record," he informed.

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With electronic medical records, later, medical records will not only be owned by conventional healthcare facilities, but all individuals will also have medical records in digital form, he said.

"Everything must be connected to all healthcare facilities," he added.

Setiaji said that his office has included telemedicine services into the 2024 digital transformation roadmap for the health sector as an effort to provide equitable and inclusive services for all.

“Telemedicine has a role in helping provide health services that are equitable and inclusive,” he remarked.

In the next few years, he said, people are expected to access digital health services, where all medical records will be integrated into one system so that each person will have a personal medical record.

During the same event, head of the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI), Daeng M. Faqih, affirmed that digital technology has played a crucial role in helping doctors serve patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said that digital technology has successfully provided broader access for patients and helped ensure the safety of doctors in the midst of the pandemic.

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