North Jakarta reopens 77 child-friendly public spaces

North Jakarta reopens 77 child-friendly public spaces

Body temperature checked of a child visitor at Rorotan Indah Integrated Child-Friendly Public Space (RPTRA), Cilincing sub-district, North Jakarta, before entering the area on Monday, (October 25, 2021). (ANTARA/ HO-Kominfotik Jakarta Utara/KT).

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The North Jakarta administration has reopened 77 child-friendly integrated public spaces (RPTRA) by applying health protocols, from October 23 to November 1, 2021.

The opening of RPTRAs in North Jakarta is a follow-up to the Decree of Jakarta's Head of Empowerment, Child Protection, and Population Control (PPAPP) Office No. 218 of 2021 on RPTRA management and provision during the PPKM (Public Activity Restrictions) Level 2.

"The number of cases during the pandemic situation has declined, and the status of PPKM in Jakarta has been lowered to level two, so 77 RPTRAs in North Jakarta have been reopened to the public, with a capacity of 25 percent," Head of the North Jakarta PPAPP Office Noer Subchan stated here on Monday.

The Jakarta provincial government had earlier opened RPTRAs, with strict adherence to protocols on October 19, 2020, but it decided to close them again due to the second wave of COVID-19 cases.

Hence, in preventing the possible surge in cases, visitors of RPTRAs must meet several requirements.

The requirements entail being in good health, showing proof of COVID-19 vaccination, and implementing health protocols, such as wearing masks, keeping distance, washing hands, avoiding crowds, and reducing mobility (5M) as well as body temperature checks before entering.

Several RPTRA that will be opened in North Jakarta comprise RPTRA Sungai Bambu, RPTRA Nirmala, RPTRA Rasela, RPTRA Sunter Muara, and RPTRA Rorotan Indah.

During the imposition of PPKM level 2, RPTRA will operate from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. WIB (Western Indonesian Standard Time). Children under 12 years of age are allowed to enter the area on grounds that they are accompanied by their parents, who have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

As reported by ANTARA at RPTRA Rorotan Indah, Cilincing Sub-district, North Jakarta, some 15 people visited the child-friendly space on the first day of the re-opening.

The manager of RPTRA Rorotan Indah, Citra, expressed her gratitude, as RPTRA has been allowed to open.

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Moreover, Citra echoed her commitment to ensuring that visitors are in good health and do not show symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever and cough.

Citra noted that the RPTRA management will also check the visitors' body temperature and necessitate them to show proof of vaccination.

"We will pay attention to the visitors' mobility to prevent crowding. We also regularly spray disinfectant liquid at every corner of the RPTRA area," she remarked.

Citra said her management was pleased to again welcome RPTRA visitors. According to Citra, during its closing, the RPTRA area has always maintained its cleanliness by growing some ornamental plants and fish cultivation. 

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