It is hoped that the SLCN can increase participants' understanding of the weather prediction that is their guide when going to sea
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The North Jakarta Administration has helped 100 fishers from Cilincing sub-district to join the Weather Field School for Fishers (SLCN) that will conclude on Thursday (November 4, 2021).

At the school, fishers are being trained to use weather information technology for shipping, including the INA-WIS (Indonesian Weather Information for Shipping) system, by the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysical Agency (BMKG), North Jakarta Mayor Ali Maulana Hakim informed.

"Later, fishers will be taught about technology through the INA-WIS that will assist them in weather information services and mapping of fishing spots," he said while attending the SLCN opening at the Cilincing sub-district office on Tuesday.

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Fishers have relied on hereditary skills to read the signs of nature for finding fishing spots, he added.

With such limited information, the occurrence of accidents when fishers go to sea is rather likely, according to him.

Therefore, he affirmed, fishers should be equipped with the expertise to understand technology in order to forecast extreme weather and improve their safety while at sea.

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"Of course, their experience in technology will be synergized to improve their safety," Hakim said. He was accompanied by Cilincing sub-district head Muhammad Andri.

Using the coast radio station (SROP) and Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), BMKG has organized a field school of weather for fishers (SLCN) to effectively utilize weather and climate information through the INA-WIS system, he noted.

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Head of BMKG's Maritime Meteorology Center, Eko Prasetyo, explained that SLCN was organized as a priority government program through BMKG for supporting fisheries activities.

"It is hoped that the SLCN can increase participants' understanding of the weather prediction that is their guide when going to sea. After learning in the activity, the participants can disseminate the knowledge to their friends," Prasetyo added.

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