Tangerang, Banten (ANTARA) - Head of Tangerang District, Banten Province, Ahmed Zaki Iskandar, has urged all local schools implementing face-to-face learning activities (PTM) to form their own COVID-19 task force to anticipate virus transmission.

"We have asked all schools to form their own COVID-19 task force. It is impossible for the Tangerang District Educational Office to handle it all, so we have asked each school to form their own task force," Iskandar informed here on Monday.

The role of the COVID-19 task force in each school is considered important to strengthen supervision of the implementation of health protocols among students, he added.

"We have facilitated everything, from hand-washing facilities to school sanitation. Now we hand it over to each school to handle it," Iskandar remarked.

He said the Tangerang District government has given permission to all schools—junior high schools as well as elementary schools—to carry out limited face-to-face learning.

"Currently, all schools in Tangerang District have implemented limited face-to-face learning," he noted.

Meanwhile, the head of the Tangerang District Educational Office Syaifullah said that his team will follow up on Iskandar's directive by asking all schools to form a COVID-19 task force.

"Of course, we will follow up the school-level COVID-19 task force," Syaifullah remarked.

Currently, all public and private junior high schools have implemented limited face-to-face learning, he informed.

"For approximately two months, junior high schools have undergone limited PTM and Praise God, everything has gone smoothly; no positive cases of COVID-19 have been found," he added.

This week, the district officially opened face-to-face learning activities in 1,090 elementary schools simultaneously, he said.

"Today, 749 public elementary schools and 341 private elementary schools have implemented limited PTM, with 50 percent capacity," Syaifullah added.

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