Need to improve digital literacy among people: official

Need to improve digital literacy among people: official

Bonifasius Wahyu Pudjianto, an official from the Communication and Informatics Ministry, at a webinar on Wednesday (November 10, 2021). (ANTARA/Screenshot/FR)

One of the important points is to think critically regarding media and data
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Digital literacy among Indonesian people is currently in the medium category and needs to be improved, according to the Communication and Informatics Ministry.


"This means that Indonesia still has some work to do for bolstering the people's digital competency in an egalitarian manner," an official from the ministry, Bonifasius Wahyu Pudjianto, said at an event on Wednesday.


The 2020 National Digital Literacy Index Survey, conducted by the ministry and Katadata Insight Center, categorized people's general digital literacy rate as medium on a scale of one to five, he pointed out.


Based on the survey, the highest score for digital literacy, defined as information and data literacy capability as well as technological capability, was 3.68, he noted.


In terms of digital security skills, people's literacy was pegged at 3.38, while their communication and collaboration capability was recorded at 3.17, he said.


Strengthening digital literacy capability has become more urgent since Indonesia is in the phase of digital transformation acceleration, Pudjianto said.


To realize this, digitally literate human resources are necessary, he added.


According to Pudjianto, citizens should not just be capable of operating devices that connect them to the Internet in their daily life.

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They should also be able to optimize electronic gadgets to benefit themselves and others, he said.


"One of the important points is to think critically regarding media and data," he expounded.


The ministry is currently running the Indonesia Becoming More Digitally Capable program to improve people's digital capability, he said.

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This program, launched in collaboration with the Cybercreation Digital Literacy National Movement, offers four curriculums: digital skill, digital ethics, digital culture, and digital security.


The government aims to involve 12.4 million participants in the movement each year, Pudjianto said. In 2024, the program is expected to train 50 million people, he informed.


The program is available in the form of an online class that can be accessed using the Siberkreasi application.

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