No restriction on activities during year-end holidays: Ministry

No restriction on activities during year-end holidays: Ministry

Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Cultural Affairs Muhadjir Effendy observing the mobility restriction enforced on travelers on Monday (Nov 1, 2021). ANTARA/HO-Kemenko PMK.

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The government will not enforce restrictions on activities during the Christmas and New Year's holiday period except from annulling the joint leave day during the period, a ministry's official stated.

"We are striving to not limit public activities, as in principle, economic activities must continue with consistent and thorough implementation of health protocols," Assistant Deputy for Emergency and Post-Disaster Management of the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Cultural Affairs Nelwan Harahap stated during a virtual discussion viewed from Jakarta on Friday.

The government and the ministry, as the national COVID-19 handling coordinator, are currently conceiving the technical regulation on infection prevention during the Christmas and New Year's holiday period, he revealed.

The ministry's official expressed hope that recent decisions to annul joint leave, earlier designated for December 24, and prohibiting workers from applying for extra leave during the period would restrict public mobility and reduce the likely spread of the COVID-19 infection.

"Handling of the COVID-19 pandemic is spearheaded by inputs and assistance from various parties to the government, and residents must cooperate by adhering to health protocols," Harahap noted.

The government will also collaborate with social media influencers to spread the message on health protocols and COVID-19 prevention measures, he remarked.

Meanwhile, Harahap assessed that the activities restriction enforcement (PPKM) implemented by the tier did not profoundly impact economic activities.

"The government is striving to enhance social protection programmes, such as the broad social benefits distribution programme enacted by the Social Affairs Ministry and other government institutions," the official remarked.

The central government currently continues to promote the COVID-19 solidarity fundraising programme, he added.

"We will not allow the residents to suffer from issues that they faced, especially economic issues," Harahap stated. 

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