We should truly apply ethics within this cyber world. We have to be responsible for any content that we post,
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The younger generation must behave wisely in the digital space and be polite on social media, Rosarita Niken Widiastuti, an official from the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, said during an online event here on Monday.

"This should be a point of consideration for the younger generation. We should truly apply ethics within this cyber world. We have to be responsible for any content that we post," she stressed.

During the Google Cloud Digital Leader Workshop Unveiling event, she outlined several values that should be upheld when interacting in the digital world: responsibility, empathy, authenticity, wisdom, and integrity.

"We should empathize and think whether there will be someone who will feel intimidated or hurt by what we post," she said.

Everybody should think about the effect of the content that is uploaded on other people's feelings, she said.

Everybody should also stay authentic and remain cautious of any uploaded content, she added.

In terms of wisdom, everyone should be critical and evaluate any information or content before consuming or sharing it, Widiastuti said.

Then, everyone should do the right thing, be brave in voicing the truth and fighting against negative behavior in the online world, she affirmed.

The younger generation should inculcate critical thinking to handle the threats from negative information flow and contents within cyberspace, she said.

Negative information pertains to issues such as race, religion, tribe, hoaxes, radicalism, fraud, pornography, bullying, prostitution, and hate speech, she added.

Hoaxes can trigger anger, hatred, and potentially ruin a nation's moral fabric and cause disintegration, she said.

During the same event, Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Minister Nadiem Makarim noted that in order to surpass other nations, Indonesia requires a world-class advanced generation that is expert in utilizing and developing technology.

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