This is a collaborative and collective effort to build a digitally capable Indonesia.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) is collaborating with an education startup to improve people's digital literacy through the Digital Literacy Space program, according to Bonifasius Wahyu Pudjianto, an official from the ministry.

"This is a collaborative and collective effort to build a digitally capable Indonesia," he noted during the virtual unveiling of the program on Wednesday.

The digital literacy program can be accessed through the Digital Space feature available on the startup's application or website, he said.

The platform has education material based on the ministry's curriculum for digital literacy, which covers digital skills, digital ethics, digital culture, and digital security, he informed.

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Head of the education startup Ruangguru's public policy, Amri Ilmma, said that there are around 50 educational videos that can be accessed for free in Digital Literacy Space.

The startup is aiming to get one million students and teachers to watch the videos this year, he added.

The education platform will not only provide videos to be watched, he said. The program will also feature questions and quizzes for testing participants' understanding of the material, he added.

The startup is also planning to hold live face-to-face meetings under the digital literacy program to train students or teachers so that they can spread their digital literacy skills in the school, Ilmma said.

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The Digital Literacy Space program with Ruangguru will last for one year, for now, Pudjianto said. The ministry has declared that the collaboration will be continued next year.

In addition, the ministry is also running Indonesia Becoming More Digitally Capable program to improve people's digital capability.

The government aims to involve 12.4 million participants each year in the movement. In 2024, the program is expected to train 50 million people, the ministry said.

The program will be in the form of an online class that can be accessed through the Siberkreasi application.

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