We must advance the development of downstream sectors, such as the digital healthcare, to be utilized widely.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Communication and Informatics Ministry held discussions with players of the digital healthcare industry to optimize public health services through digital spaces and the potential of digital economy in Indonesia.

“The discussion aims to accommodate the inputs from industrial actors. Thus, the future policies issued by the government can support development of the industry, including the digital healthcare one," Communication and Informatics Minister, Johnny G. Plate, stated here on Tuesday.

The discussion was held through the Digital Economy Forum implemented for the third time.

The forum was initiated by the Directorate of Digital Economy of Directorate General of Informatics Applications at the ministry as an official communication platform between the government and digital industry players to discuss, collaborate, and prepare anticipatory steps for development of the digital economy ecosystem.

In addition, developing the digital economy is one of the ministry’s attempts to make the most of the digital infrastructure built in Indonesia in accordance with the directives of President Joko Widodo.

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Furthermore, the minister has noted that in 2021, Indonesia's digital economy is estimated to grow to reach $70 billion, or equivalent to Rp1,000 trillion.

On account of the huge potential of the country's digital ecosystem, Indonesia is projected to earn US$146 billion, or equivalent to Rp2,090 trillion, in 2025.

The huge figure will be obtained from various digital services that are currently developing.

“In addition to building extensive telecommunication infrastructure and optimizing THE digital space, we must advance development of the downstream sectors, such as the digital healthcare, to be utilized widely," Plate stated.

The discussion was attended by 45 start-up companies that were developers in the digital healthcare industry.

In-depth discussions regarding the benefits of digital healthcare development on the economic and social aspects can offer insights to Indonesian people of the positive impacts of using health services in the digital space.

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