Skincare affects babies' growth, development: expert

Skincare affects babies' growth, development: expert

Illustration—Babies' skin needs special treatment due to its sensitivity. (ANTARA/Shutterstock/Golfx).

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Skincare has a big influence on the physical and mental growth of babies, especially during their golden age, social pediatric and child growth expert, Dr. Bernie Endyarni Medise, SpAK, MPH, said here on Friday.

In addition to providing nutrients through breast milk and food, taking care of the baby's skin for the sake of health and hygiene is very important, Medise added.

"The most rapid brain development occurs during the golden age and something that happens at that time can have long-term effects. This problem includes children who suffer from skin disorders," Medise, who practices at the Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo National General Hospital (RSCM), remarked.

"Growth hormones disrupt a baby when it is sleeping so it does not sleep soundly. If the sleep is not sound, it can impede growth, while skin disorders can make a baby uncomfortable," she explained.

One way parents can alleviate skin problems in babies is by continuing to maintain the health and cleanliness of their skin with products that are friendly to their sensitive skin, she advised.

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"Skincare supports the process of growth and development because, with the right use of products, the baby will feel more comfortable as its skin can avoid certain skin conditions such as redness, irritation, or itching," Medise explained.

Moreover, newborn skin is different from adult skin, she said. A baby's skin is more vulnerable and sensitive so it requires special care, she added.

A baby's skin has great absorption ability because its thickness is 30 percent lower than an adult's skin, she informed. Hence, it is important for parents to choose baby care products that are made with natural ingredients, are pH balanced, and have passed dermatology tests, she said.

"Parents must browse for products suitable for baby skin. If baby skin is irritated and not treated, it can get infected," Medise added.

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