I urge the regional head to distribute social assistance in each village and pick up the beneficiaries from their respective homes
Surabaya (ANTARA) - Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini called to pick up residents, eligible for social assistance in the form of the Family Hope Program (PKH), from their respective homes during the PKH disbursement in Surabaya City.

"I urge the regional head to distribute social assistance in each village and pick up the beneficiaries from their respective homes," the minister stated while distributing PKH in Sawahan Sub-District, here on Monday.

Rismaharini also urged to accelerate the disbursement of social assistance to beneficiaries in all regions before December 31, 2021.

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The minister requested to pick up PKH recipients at their respective homes since only 70 people were present for the PKH disbursement that she had attended. Rismaharini immediately ordered the local government to pick up all the social assistance recipients.

Acting promptly, Deputy Mayor of Surabaya Armuji, who accompanied Rismaharini, immediately called the PKH recipients and ordered his staff to pick up the beneficiaries.

"Please immediately send two units to help pick up PKH beneficiaries in receiving their social assistance," he stated.

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A while later, the prospective recipients, who arrived at the location, were immediately subject to file verification by having to furnish their passbook and ATM card for withdrawing the social assistance at the provided bank outlets.

The PKH social assistance is only given to families registered in the Social Welfare Integrated Data (DTKS) and according to the category of PKH recipients based on data from the Ministry of Social Affairs.

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The amount of PKH assistance in 2021 provided to pregnant women reaches Rp3 million per year, while Rp 3million per year for early childhood education for those up to six years of age, Rp900 thousand per year for children receiving Elementary/Equivalent Education, Rp1,500,000 per year for students in junior high school/equivalent education, Rp2 million per year for students in high school/equivalent education, and Rp2,400,000 per year for people with severe disabilities.

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