Bandung (ANTARA) - Prosecutors from the West Java Prosecutors Office demanded that Herry Wirawan, 36, be sentenced to death for the rape and impregnation of 13 female students.

Head of West Java Kejati Asep N. Mulyana noted that the sentence of death penalty was awarded to Wirawan for his immoral acts that impregnated some of the victims, which was viewed as a grave crime.

"We first charge the defendant with death penalty, as our commitment to having a deterrent effect on the perpetrators," Mulyana stated in Bandung, West Java, on Tuesday.

Mulyana remarked that West Java's Kejati also awarded other sentences to Wirawan for the dishonorable act.

Wirawan was charged by the prosecutors to pay a fine of Rp500 million and also charged to pay restitution fees of Rp331 million to the victims.

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"We also urge the judge to impose additional penalties in the form of identity disclosure, announcing the defendant's identity, and additional prosecution in the form of chemical castration," Mulyana affirmed.

Mulyana noted that death penalty was taken into account, as Wirawan committed the crime on his students in an Islamic boarding school when he held power as the school's owner.

"The defendant's actions not only affect the physical honor but also affect the psychology and emotions of the students," Mulyana noted.

Furthermore, Wirawan used religious and educational symbols as an alibi to his actions, Mulyana added.

"The president has also paid attention to the defendant's crimes," he stated.

Wirawan was charged with guilt in accordance with Article 81, paragraph (1), paragraph (3), and paragraph (5) in conjunction with Article 76D of the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 17 of 2016 on Amendments to Law Number 23 of 2002 on Child Protection in conjunction with Article 65, paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code as the first indictment.

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