Bandung (ANTARA) - An official of Kebonwaru Prison, Bandung, West Java, confirmed that convicted rapist Herry Wirawan was in good condition after the Bandung High Court handed down a death sentence to him on Monday (Apr 4).

Kebonwaru Prison Head Riko Stiven stated that while he had earlier communicated with Wirawan, he had yet to seek his response to the court's decision.

"I think it is not appropriate yet to ask him regarding the latest court decision now. (In my last communication), I only told him to accept the verdict and pray a lot," Stiven noted here on Thursday.

The prison head remarked that Wirawan was in good health and had participated in prison activities normally along with other inmates after receiving the verdict.

"He also attended the congregation prayer at the (prison) mosque during the first Tarawih evening prayer. We have assigned inmates in a particular schedule to attend congregational prayers in the mosque, but they are free to pray at (the prison's) praying room at other times," he remarked.

He also urged Wirawan's cellmates to protect him from unwanted incidents.

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"We also anticipate (Wirawan's security) by asking his cellmates to protect Wirawan and protect each other," Stiven stated.

Earlier, the Bandung High Court had handed down a death sentence to Herry Wirawan for raping his 13 female students.

Chief of the Panels of Judge at the Bandung High Court Herri Swantoro granted the sentence after the West Java High Prosecutor's Office appealed the decision of the Bandung District Court that sentenced Wirawan to life imprisonment.

"(We have) received an appeal from the public prosecutor. Hence, (we) sentence the defendant to death," Swantoro stated in Bandung, West Java, on Monday.

In addition to the death sentence, Wirawan was required to pay over Rp300 million in restitution. This verdict annulled the Bandung District Court's decision, which discharged Wirawan from the penalty of paying compensation to the victims.

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