Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has reminded all state officials to deliver their Report of State Officials Wealth (LHKPN) as a gesture of transparency to the public.

Every year, the KPK reminds state officials to report their wealth before the deadline.

The periodic 2021 LHKPN delivery began on January 1, 2022, and its deadline ends on March 31, 2022.

According to the KPK, state officials only have to fill the report electronically on the website elhkpn.kpk.go.id.

There are three benefits of filing the LHKPN for state officials, KPK deputy chief Alexander Marwata noted.

The first is that it is a form of state officials' compliance with the law, he said.

The second is that it is one of the wealth ownership accountability instruments before, during, and after state officials take office, he informed.

Third, it is one of the control instruments for the people to monitor state officials, he added.

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In relation to the third point, Marwata explained that the corruption prevention role of the LHKPN is performed through the process of reporting and announcing by state officials.

By reporting their wealth, state officials are expected to feel like they are being watched, which would make them think twice before indulging in corruption, he said and cited the phrase: "If you are clean, then why worry."

Thus, there is no excuse for state officials to not report their wealth, he said.

He emphasized that transparency should be upheld by state officials.

Reporting wealth is an obligation for every state official, as stipulated by Article 5 point (2) and (3) of Law No. 28 of 1999 on Running a Nation Clean and Free from Corruption, Collusion, and Nepotism.

The law obliges state officials to willingly have their wealth examined before, during, and after they take office. State officials are obligated to report and announce their wealth before and after they take office.

In addition, KPK also urges state officials to report their wealth honestly, truthfully, and completely.

In accordance with KPK Regulation No. 2 of 2020 on Changes over KPK Regulation No. 7 of 2015 on State Officials' Wealth Registration, Announcement, and Examination Method, only a completely verified LHKPN is announced.


KPK has lauded 18 institutions for delivering their report even though the deadline is still far away.

According to the e-LHKPN application, as of January 14, 2022, six district or city governments have filed the complete report, the KPK said.

They are the governments of South Tapanuli with a total of 680 officials, Brebes 240 officials, Boyolali 239 officials, Prabumulih 195 officials, South Bolaang Mongondow 143 officials, and Majene 140 officials.

There are also Regional House of Representative (DPRD) in seven districts or city that have delivered their full reports.

They are the DPRDs of Brebes with 49 officials, Boyolali 45 officials, Prabumulih 25 officials, Barru 25 officials, Malaka 25 officials, South Bolang Mongondow 20 officials, and Morotai 20 officials, it added.

Then, five State-Owned and Regional Government-Owned Enterprises (SOEs/BUMD) have also delivered their reports, according to the KPK.

They comprise PD Kota Gorontalo with 24 officials, PD (holding company) Gowa Mandiri four officials, PT BPR Bank Daerah Gunung Kidul (Perseroda) three officials, PT Industri Gelas (Persero) two officials, and Perumda Air Minum Tirta Gemilang Kabupaten Magelang one official.

KPK prevention spokesperson Ipi Maryati Kuding said that LKHPN obedience is inseparable from the commitment and initiative from institutions that advance the reporting deadline with a variety of administrative penalties.

This is done to encourage the rate of reporting within institutions, she added.

This is a form of commitment and an early step in corruption prevention by encouraging transparency and accountability of state officials in reporting their wealth, she explained.


Earlier, KPK recorded that the 2021 LHKPN delivery rate reached 97.31 percent and the obedience rate stood at 93.10 percent among officials.

The executive branch's reporting rate was 97.33 percent and obedience rate 92.71 percent, and for the judicial branch, the reporting rate was 98.65 percent and obedience rate 96.83 percent, the KPK informed.

For the legislative branch, the reporting rate was 93.29 percent and obedience rate 90.38 percent, and for SOEs or BUMDes, the reporting rate was 98.79 percent and obedience rate 96.26 percent, it said.

KPK also examines LHKPN in addition to registering it.

Throughout 2021, the commission said it scrutinized 260 state officials.

The examination comprised 156 examination result reports (LHP) over internal requests such as case development and supreme court judge selection, the KPK said.

The remaining 104 LHP state officials examined comprised district heads, BUMD leadership, and state officials in ministries, it added.

To improve people's participation in monitoring state officials, KPK LHKPN's Registration and Examination Directorate has developed a feature to compare state officials' wealth in the last three years.

This feature can be accessed through the e-announcement menu on elhkpn.kpk.go.id.

With this feature, the public can directly compare an increase or fall in state officials' wealth during office.

Through this, it is expected that if there is wealth that has not been reported by state officials, the public could inform the KPK, officials explained.

Until December 20, 2021, the number of people who had accessed the e-announcement menu had reached 664,933, they added.

On World Anti-Corruption Day in December 2021, KPK bestowed awards to six state officials for consistently delivering their LHKPN.

One of the officials was Canna Divertana Hernama, PT Kereta Api Indonesia's (KAI) 8 Daop 8 project director who has delivered the LHKPN 14 times since 2010.

Then, there was Robert Leonard Marbun from the Investment Coordinating Board (BLPM) who has delivered the LHKPN 13 times since 2007.

In addition, Riau's Governor for the 2019–2024 period, Syamsuar, has filed the report 13 times since 2003. Member of the House of Representatives (DPR) for the 2019–2024 period, Musthofa, has filed the report 13 times since 2003.

Moreover, Balikpapan Deputy Mayor for the 2011–2016 and 2016–2021 period, M. Rizal Effendi, has filed the report 13 times since 2002, and Aceh's High Court deputy head Ahmad Salihin has made the report 12 times since 2002.

The KPK expects the awards to encourage other state officials to always maintain their commitment to reporting their wealth to KPK.

By reporting their wealth, state officials uphold a moral responsibility to prevent corrupt behavior, it affirmed.

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