Jakarta (ANTARA) - Deputy Minister of Health Dante Saksono Harbuwono emphasized that the campaign to eradicate the stigma of leprosy should be promoted through trendy methods and be more viral among members of the community.

"The campaign to reduce the stigma of leprosy should be conducted through trendy methods and be more viral by involving various sectors," Harbuwono stated at the 2022 World Leprosy Day commemoration event aired online on the Health Ministry's YouTube channel accessed here on Monday.

He remarked that the campaign to end the negative stigma of leprosy patients is in line with the national theme of "Let's Eradicate the Stigma and Discrimination Against Leprosy."

The trendy campaign is one of the government's strategies in reducing the number of leprosy cases in Indonesia which in 2021 alone had reached 7,201 new cases in the country.

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In addition, he pointed out that six provinces in the country -- West Papua, Papua, Maluku, North Maluku, North Sulawesi, and West Sulawesi -- had not met the target of leprosy elimination.

"As of now, 101 districts and cities in six provinces in Indonesia have not reached the target for leprosy elimination. The target is expected to be achieved no later than 2024," he remarked.

The campaign that the government initiated contains essential information for the community, including data that leprosy can be treated and cured and the need for leprosy to be detected as early as possible.

The campaign will involve celebrities, social media, community leaders, mass media and so on to be able to reach the public.

Apart from the leprosy campaign, the Ministry of Health has also readied other strategies to reduce the number of leprosy cases in the country, such as increasing tracking, providing optimal health workers in regions, holding cross-sectoral meetings, and ensuring better distribution of medicines.

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